BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character Intro 2

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Nu-13 combo

During December’s monthly ArcNama livestream, as has become the norm, Arc System Works revealed the fifth video in the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character Introduction Trailer series. Unlike the others, which all revealed three new characters, this newest trailer shows off four of them. In addition, in another break from the usual style, all four characters are native to the BlazBlue series.

The trailer stars Sector Seven’s huge, lumbering grappler Iron Tager, NOL’s punchy squirrel-tailed Makoto Nanaya, the yandere android Nu-13, and Centralfiction’s guest character from the Xblaze prequel series Es. For those keeping track, this brings the total character count up to 20, with 10 from BlazBlue, 4 each from Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth, and 2 from RWBY.

You can see the trailer complete with brief gameplay for the new characters below:

In addition to the trailer, the livestream announced that the game will be playable at Evo Japan 2018 in late January. The trailer also teases more information in “early 2018”, likely in the January livestream at the latest.

Also, in case you happened to miss it, there was also a trailer for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle shown by Sony at PlayStation Experience earlier this month, albeit one regrettably lacking in new information. You can see it below:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is set for release on PS4, Switch, and Steam, published by the newly-established Arc System Works America in the west, in 2018.

Chris Melchin
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