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Steins;Gate 0

Prepare your microwaves. The anime adaptation of Steins;Gate 0  is set to premiere in April.

A new preview was revealed during the original’s rebroadcast in Japan:

Here is a description of the plot based on the visual novel’s product page on Amazon:

STEINS;GATE 0 is the sequel to the award-winning time travel science fiction interactive Visual Novel developed by 5pb. and Nitroplus – ‘STEINS;GATE’ – widely considered to be one of the greatest visual novels ever made and one of the best-selling Visual Novels ever released in the West! Branching off from the ending of the original STEINS;GATE to an alternate worldline, STEINS;GATE 0 sees Okabe and the Future Gadget Lab members return once again in a story centred around Artificial Intelligence and the creation of ‘Amadeus’ – a means of interacting with the stored memories of a fellow human being. STEINS;GATE 0 continues the series trademark of delivering incredible science fiction storytelling with rich characterisation that most games can only dream of and will delight both newcomers to the series and existing STEINS;GATE fans.

Steins;Gate  0 is a follow-up to the original series, which both are based on visual novels developed by 5pb. Both visual novels were released in English by PQube. The original anime and its movie were published in English by Funimation.

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