Eiyu*Senki | Kyoto, New Friends, and Training
Eiyu*Senki | Kyoto, New Friends, and Training
Time to begin the unification of Zipang!

Welcome back to another episode of Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest!

Last time we began our adventure by falling from the sky and kicking all sorts of ass. We came to discover that we are in Zipang, this world’s version of Japan. More interestingly we learned that there are heroes from across time all over the world. And that they are all female in this universe, huh.

That’s not going to stop Himiko though who has her sights set on world conquest! Which means, we’re coming along for the ride. Our first step is to take over Kyoto and open a path to Edo so we can take on Nobunaga Oda and then unite Zipang.

However, Kyoto has quite the interesting pair guarding it.

Time to recruit one of my favorite characters!

Episode 02: Kyoto, New Friends, and Training

Turn 1

Now that we have properly begun the game let’s go over a few things.

Eiyu*Senki | Troop Management

The Troops screen here shows your heroes as well as the number of troops they have in their unit. You can replenish or increase the number of troops each unit has in this screen. Make this your first stop each turn.

Eiyu*Senki | City Management

The Cities screen shows the various cities located around the world. Not much else you need to know about it besides that because…

Eiyu*Senki | Mission List

The Missions menu shows any missions you can do and the city it’s located in. You’ll use this a lot as your territory expands.

Eiyu*Senki | Yamatai

Speaking of missions and cities, here’s Yamatai. Our only city for the moment. You see cities are important as they provide income each turn and can have mission available which will get you more money or items. In this case, there’s two. Let’s start with “Suppressing the Bandit Survivors.”

Eiyu*Senki | Suppressing the Bandit Survivors

This is your Mission screen. Each mission requires you send at least one person and often you’ll need to meet a minimum skill requirement. In this case, we need a Search score of 2. If you’ve played Sengoku Rance then you’ll know exactly how this system works. If not, it’s still really simple.

Eiyu*Senki | The Fruits of Your Labor

However, since that mission requires us to fight, let’s do the other one “The Fruits of Your Labor” to earn some money.

Eiyu*Senki | Funds Increased
100 G? We’re filthy rich!

A lot of the missions in Eiyu*Senki  are just simple things that give you some interesting dialogue and some money. Don’t worry I won’t screenshot every one. But I did want to show how things work.

Eiyu*Senki | Chihaya cannot go

One final note on missions. If a character goes on a mission, they cannot be used again that turn. So make sure to plan who goes where accordingly. In this case, since I don’t want to send Takeru (our other major attacker) I’ll need to wait a turn for Chihaya to be ready to act again. So with that, let’s end our phase of Turn 1.

Eiyu*Senki | Kyoto Upgraded
Don’t worry, we’ll properly meet this mysterious beauty in a few turns.

Ending your turn allows the computer to go, which means both Kyoto and Edo increase their forces slightly. However, don’t panic. As long as you don’t just sit around and do nothing they’ll never get too strong. In fact, you’re more likely to lose due to being underprepared for a fight more than anything else. Save and load often my friends. Anyways…

Turn 2

Let’s actually take out those bandits now!

A message arrives informing us where the bandits are hiding. Our goal is to bust in and capture them so we can learn who hired them. I’m sure Himiko has a great plan for getting that information out of them!

Eiyu*Senki | The Harshest Sentence
A tactic that would even make Iris Heart tremble with fear I’m sure.

Clearly, she is a military mastermind…

Eiyu Senki | The Lone Hero
Way to remember my own advice me. Not like I haven’t beaten this game before >_<

Just like I am for forgetting that only units I send to the mission will fight. Well, looks like it’s time to show the might of the “Servant of Heaven!”

Eiyu Senki | 110 HP

Yeah… this doesn’t go well. However, I somehow manage to win the day.

Eiyu Senki | Critical Hit!
There is nothing the Servant of Heaven cannot cut.

Of course the game then just turns around and mocks me for my efforts.

Eiyu Senki | Great Victory
Stupidity! The key to “Great Victory.”

Just kidding. In actuality, a “Great Victory” occurs when you can complete the battle in under 25 turns. This nets you an additional 10 troops per unit. Really helpful in the early game to get your units up to speed. Anyways, seems Takeru has something to say.

Eiyu Senki | Takeru's Amusement

Takeru’s snarky comments aside, Himiko has been doing what she does best. Dispensing tickle torture.

Eiyu Senki | The Rewards of Tickling
Wouldn’t torturing people bring you bad karma?

This leads us to get our first item! A Ruby which grants +1 Attack.

Eiyu Senki - Equip
Next Takeru is going to teach us about timed hits.

Turn 3

This thing is going straight onto Chihaya as soon as I get a second. First, though Himiko has an announcement about the bandit’s employer. Seems it’s Nobunaga.

Eiyu Senki | Himiko's Charisma
Your… Charisma? You mean the stat you took a penalty in?

Yeah… I’m pretty sure you tickled that out of them and Chihaya agrees. However, Honest Himiko isn’t about to let this bandit trickery stand.

Eiyu Senki | The Battle that Never Happened

I’m just gonna let Chiaya speak for me here

Eiyu Senki | The Lies

That’s done. Now, let’s throw that ruby on Chihaya.

Eiyu Senki | The Ruby
Now we have a maxed out attack stat. Sweet.

One troop replenishment later, we explore Yamatai and find some rather amusing children.

Eiyu Senki | Not a Bad Kid
I dispute that name! Give that kid a medal for standing up to the tickle torturer!

At least the kids tell it like it is. Let’s check in with Takeru as she trains Chihaya though.

Eiyu Senki | Deadly Training
Did we do something to piss her off, or is this just how she says hello?

Well, looks like Chihaya is having an off day. I’m sure that he’s been holding his own against her though.

Eiyu Senki | Master Takeru
Call her “Master Takeru, The Undefeated of Zipang!”

Or not… however Chihaya has learned one important thing

Eiyu Senki | Masochistic Chihaya
I’m starting to wonder if Chihaya is enjoying those bruises.

Clearly, Takeru will be part of our forces until the end of the game. Nope, don’t see any common flags for a character death or anything coming.

Turn 4

Our next turn brings us a small conversation with Himiko before giving us two more missions. The first gives us a conversation with Takeru in which we learn an important fact thanks to Chihaya’s knowledge.

Eiyu Senki | Kusanagi

Yep, indeed Takeru’s sword is the Kusanagi which means…

Eiyu Senki | King Takeru
Does this mean we can put you in charge instead of Himiko?

Takeru is the rightful ruler of Zipang apparently. But if so, why is Himiko in charge? We’ll ponder that for later. The other mission gives us some vegetables which translate into more money for us to spend. Nothing major.

Eiyu Senki | Vegetables
The love a people have for their Queen.

Turn 5

The next turn brings us more training and hey Takeru is even praising us now

Eiyu Senki | The Trials of Hell

However, the joyful mood doesn’t last long as Takeru collapses. Chihaya is worried but agrees to keep it secret for now, not wanting to worry Himiko. Plus he does kinda owe Takeru for training him. Regardless, things aren’t looking great for our teacher so we’d better get to the conquering before things get worse.

So let’s declare war already. Kyoto will become ours!

Eiyu Senki | Declaration of War
And yet there’s no rule against tickle torture?

After we write a letter apparently. Hey, we may want to take over everything but we’re going to follow the proper procedure, damn it. Even if it takes Himiko several tries to write a proper letter.

Eiyu Senki | Ten Tries
As much as I’d like to make a joke about this, I can’t say I’d be able to do it in fewer tries. My penmanship is horrible.

Well let’s see what Kyoto thinks of our declaration

Eiyu Senki - Benkei!

Say hello to one of my favorite characters in Eiyu*Senki, Benkei. Not only does she look adorable and have awesome weapons, but she’s super strong as well.

Eiyu Senki | Under the Tree
Yes, she really did just rip a tree out of the ground. Benkei is awesome.

The reason Benkei is pulling up trees and rocks is because she’s looking for her boss, Yoshitsune. Thankfully, Benkei is not stealthy in the slightest and Yoshitsune finds her easily.

Eiyu Senki | Yoshitsune
The ruler of Kyoto and Benkei’s caretaker.

And it seems like Himiko can’t even declare war properly. So much for following etiquette…

Eiyu Senki | Himiko's Handwriting
I take back my earlier sympathizing with Himiko. I’d at least have sent a proper letter, or gotten someone else to write it for me.

However, Yoshitsune does accept our declaration of war. Not only to see how much Himiko has grown but also because she’s curious about Chihaya.

Eiyu Senki | Kyoto Hostile
The first of many relationships that will dissolve into combat.

That, of course, means she’s sent a reply. Which Himiko is eager to read

Eiyu Senki | Yoshitsune's Reply

Only to learn her letter was sent back, with corrections.

Eiyu Senki | Grammatical Errors

Yep, Yoshitsune was Himiko’s teacher. Seems she’s a bit disappointed n her student and decides to show her how it’s done.

Eiyu Senki | Calligraphy
Looks like Yoshitsune just showed us how it’s done. Your move Queen of Yamatai.

Well, war has been declared so we better bolster our troops and end our turn.

Turn 6

We waste no time in attack Kyoto only to find it empty. Much like Edo. Thankfully Takeru’s lessons are paying off as we avoid an attack from Yoshitsune who properly introduces herself.

Eiyu Senki | Yoshitsune Strikes
Well, hello to you too.

But if Yoshitsune is here, where is…

Eiyu Senki | Benkei is Ready!

Now that’s how you make an entrance. Seems she was busy with a mission of her own

Eiyu Senki | Pancakes!

Well, looks like we have our work cut out for use right off the bat. Though Takeru has another way of looking at it

Eiyu Senki | Exciting Battle
Leave it Takeru to find something like this exciting.

Well, with that all said time to duel.

Eiyu Senki | Battle Prep

Since this is an early battle, it goes by really easily. Attack, heal with Himiko, rinse and repeat.

Eiyu Senki | We aren't bad people
Even Yoshitsune doesn’t see Himiko as any kind of threat.

With our success, Yoshitsune agrees to surrender and joins us along with Benkei. Himiko takes it well.

Himiko | Never!

Benkei meanwhile has a much simpler conclusion.

Eiyu Senki | Friends!

With that done, mission complete

Eiyu Senki | Kyoto Conquered

Which of course means we get…

Eiyu Senki | Yoshitsune Joins

Yoshitsune and…

Eiyu Senki | Benkei Joins!


There’s no time to celebrate though as word of our awesome victory travels to Edo.

Eiyu Senki | Musketeers
That doesn’t bode well for us…

Guess that means she’s not gonna just surrender and be friends with us even if Benkei brought her cookies.

After this, we open up a small mission about exploring Kyoto which nets us some gold. Next turn!

Turn 7

The turn begins with talk of taking over Edo. Himiko take this opportunity to tell us about Nobunaga’s rifle core and their guns

Eiyu Senki | Himiko's Not Afraid
Nope, Nobunaga’s guns certainly haven’t left an impact on you. Not at all.

Since Nobunaga and Himiko have already had several skirmishes, war doesn’t need to be officially declared. As such, Edo turns hostile.

Eiyu Senki | Edo Hostile

Before marching on Edo however, we should check in on Himiko is handling Yoshitsune’s training.

Eiyu Senki | Himiko's Soul
So does this mean Yoshitsune’s training is harsher than Takeru’s?

It’s, of course, going about as well as you’d expect. Himiko sees Chihaya showing up as an excuse to slack off. So Yoshitsune decides to tell us a story. A story about Himiko being stuck in a tree.

Eiyu Senki | Himiko in a Tree

After that riveting tale and Himiko agreeing to study… her trust in us grows?

Eiyu Senki | Himiko's Trust
Guess she has no choice but to trust us after hearing that embarrassing story.

Ok, well technically we did praise her for studying hard, but still. No love for Yoshitsune? At least we get a ruby out of it.

Eiyu Senki | Yoshitsune Ruby

Which goes right on Yoshitsune. However, we aren’t done with side missions as we find a letter in our room.

Eiyu Senki | Midnight Meeting
Clearly, this can only lead to sexy things.

Well, looks like we’re going to have a secret rendezvous considering this is an eroge after all. Wonder who is it?

Eiyu Senki | Guard is Down

Oh crap….

Eiyu Senki | Takeru's Surprise
Takeru’s idea of foreplay is kinda rough

Double crap!

Eiyu Senki | Broken Katana

Well… at least we survived? Still, holy hell Takeru, was that really necessary?

Eiyu Senki | Minor Injury
Even when going full force Takeru is still amazing skilled.

Turns out yes, since Takeru wanted to show us her true potential while she still can

Eiyu Senki | Takeru's Full Power
Well, this certainly was intimate in a different kind of way.

Takeru collapses after this which means we need to bring her back to base and get her treatment. Which leads to Himiko finding out about Takeru’s condition. She, of course, takes it well

Eiyu Senki | Takeru's Benched
How will we fight though? I don’t exactly see you kicking all sorts of ass.

In all seriousness, this is the correct move. Takeru is in no condition to fight and she needs someone like Himiko to force her to stand down and rest. This leads to another conversation on the next turn.

Turn 8

Eiyu Senki | Walking with Takeru

Takeru basically drops a lot of plot here, which I’m going to leave to you to learn about yourselves. However, the key things that occur here are that we gain the Kusanagi.

Eiyu Senki | King Chihaya
Well, we’d certainly make a better ruler than Himiko.

Also, sadly, Takeru leaves our forces.

Eiyu Senki | Takeru Leaves
There goes our powerhouse. At least we have Benkei and Yoshitsune to help offset this loss.

Kind of a downer way to end the episode huh? Sadly, that is all for this time.

Next week, we continue our quest to unit Zipang with the battle for Edo.

Eiyu Senki | A Bright Future
At least she believes in us. Let’s just hope we can live up to the title of “King of Hearts” er… I mean Zipang.

Additional Thoughts and Notes:

Wow, a lot happened this episode. I’ve tried to summarize things as best I can, but 8 turns is quite a lot for one update. I may have to consider breaking these down into either smaller chunks or summarizing a lot more. Let me know what you think in the comments.

As for what actually happens, we’re still very much laying the groundwork for things to come. While I am leaving out some key plot points, you should still have a good idea of what’s going on. Or at the least, it should appear there’s a logical sense of progression. Speaking of progress though, let’s talk about Benkei and Yoshitsune.

Eiyu Senki | Benkei can lift a house!
Benkei’s strength can be a bit of a problem, but she’s as good-natured as they come.

I love these two, especially Benkei. Benkei is just flat out adorable and you want to give her a hug. Plus she has a rake as a weapon. I love crazy-awesome stuff like that. We’ll touch more upon her personal story later on, but I tend to use her a lot as a defensive wall so we’ll be seeing plenty of her.

Eiyu Senki | Yoshitsune's Test
Yoshitsune is an honorable person and really just wants what’s best for the people she governs.

Yoshitsune is a good early game attacker and a great replacement for Takeru in the upcoming fight. As a character, I do like her, plus she’s strict with Himiko. Which leads to lots of fun stuff. However, she has a few secrets of her own as you’ll come to learn during your playthrough.

Thanks for reading! If you’re looking for more Eiyu*Senki awesomeness then check out our review of the PS3 version of the game and my other news posts below:

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Eiyu Senki | Correspondence
Himiko, your ineptitude astounds me…
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