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Now available for Steam users in 18+ flavor via restoration patch!

The 18+ version of  Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest released back on October 24. However, last week saw the release of the all-ages Steam version. While eroge purists could always buy a copy from J-List or JAST USA’s websites, many still use Steam as their primary PC marketplace. So, of course, the question of a content restoration patch came up. While at the time of Eiyu*Senki’s Steam release there was no word of a patch, JAST USA today did have some big news on the topic. The patch is available.

Yep, the Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest  – DLC is available for purchase from JAST USA’s website for $5.99. Now, I know people have strong feelings when it comes to paying for restoration patches and I’ll give my thoughts on that at the end of this article. However, first, let’s go over the what exactly this gets you.

The Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest  – DLC s being marketed as a Director’s Cut. What this patch does is restore content that was cut from the 18+ release of Eyu*Senki to the Steam version. This means if you either have a physical version, like I do, of the game from J-List or you bought a digital version from JAST USA then you do not need this. You already have the content. This is solely for people who bought the Steam version and want the 18+ content. That explained, here’s what you get according to JAST USA’s product page:

  • New dialog and scenes with mature and adult themes
  • Restoration of over 60 H-scenes and romance routes
  • All content is uncensored and without mosaics.

While I haven’t had a chance to sit down with Eiyu*Senki yet, considering systematically it’s the same game as the PS3 Eiyuu Senki I can explain where this content mostly fits in.

Eiyu*Senki | Blossom into love
This is the PS3 version, Eiyuu Senki, but the mechanic probably functions the same. Build up a heroine’s affection and eventually, it blossoms into love. However, with the 18+ patch, we’ll get to see the physicality of that love.

Durning your playthrough you’ll recruit several characters based on historical figures. After recruiting them you’ll gain chances to deepen your relationship with them through various events. Just like any dating-sim or most romance based VN’s. While gameplay-wise this allows you unlock special attacks for that character or gain items you can use, you, of course, learn more about them. The end result is them falling for the main character and it ends with a sweet declaration of love. This is where the 18+ version is probably different.

At the end of each of these routes, for lack of a better term, there is probably an H-scene. Instead of just getting the confession, we get to see the forging of an emotional and physical bond. I’d imagine this is primarily what is being patched in. There are also some other H-scenes that occur naturally during the course of the story as well. Thus, considering how many characters there are in Eiyu*Senki there are a lot of H-scenes. That’s the explanation of what you’re getting. So, now let’s talk cost here.

Eiyu*Senki | Skill
Even if you’re playing the all-ages version, it’s still important to raise your affection with the heroines as it can result in new skills or items. Screen taken from the PS3 version, Eiyuu Senki

The basic retail version of Eiyu*Senki will run you $39.99 from JAST USA for a digital copy or $40.00 on J-List for a physical one. Either one nets you the 18+ version of the game. If you go the Steam route then it’s $29.99 for the game and $5.99 for the patch. Which would bring the total to $35.98. That does make Steam the cheapest route to get the 18+ version of the game. Now, what are my thoughts on the subject? Well, mixed, to say the least.

Personal Thoughts:

In short, I’m disappointed that we have to pay for a content restoration patch. However, I’m ok with the price of the patch. Let me explain.

There are two reasons I tend to not like paying for content restoration patches. The first is situational but applies here. The 18+ version of the game was the original one. Thus you had to go in and modify the game code to create an all-ages version. When you then turn around and sell the all-ages version for cheaper than the 18+ edition, it feels like the 18+ crowd is carrying the burden of developing that all-ages one. To be fair there are arguments against this line of thinking too.

Eiyu Senki | Ceasar
Different pricing for eroge and all-ages version of products is quite common in Japan. However, who has to bear the cost creating the all-ages version is a point of contention amongst Western fans.

The first is that in Japan 18+ versions usually do cost more than the all-ages one. Which makes sense. It’s a premium product so you give it a premium price, really you could think of it as a collector’s edition of sorts. A badge of honor if you will. Another reason is that some all-ages versions are released several months after the 18+ one. Let’s take Eiyu*Senki as an example.

According to VNDB, in Japan, the 18+ PC version was released in March of 2012. The PS3 all-ages version was then release September of 2013 and the Vita version was released in May of 2014. Due to the spacing of the releases, it feels like each version paved the way for the next one. Here it feels like a case of “too soon”, however, the Western eroge and VN market is kind of an odd beast. I’m willing to believe that someone in marketing had a good reason for scheduling the 18+ and all-ages releases the way they did. So, let’s move to my next point, pricing.


Eiyu Senki | Pricing
How you price a content restoration patch is very tricky. If you charge too much you’re liable to stumble and spill milk all over yourself like Capt. Cook here! Wait…

At the end of the day, pricing is the real reason why people do not like paying for restoration patches. An in-depth discussion of the topic is beyond the scope of this article, but in short, there’s a fine line between paying for extra content and feeling taxed. How does Eiyu*Senki fair? Actually pretty well I think.

Eiyu*Senki‘s Steam version runs you $29.99 as I mentioned. With the patch being priced at $5.99, that would mean the patch costs approx. 20% of the purchase price. Which isn’t too bad when you consider the amount of content you’re getting and the fact I’m not paying the price of the game again to get it. Free is always better, but it’s hard to argue when something is priced reasonably. Which is really why I’d be ok with paying for a patch in this case. However, that going to be a decision that everyone will need to make for themselves.

Eiyu*Senki | Pervert Nobunaga
At the end of the day, I’m just happy we have a multitude of choices here. I’m fairly certain even getting this patch done wasn’t as easy as we might think so thanks to JAST USA and Tenco for at least putting it out there.

In closing, I would like to thank for JAST USA and Tenco for making the patch available at least and giving the Steam crowd an easy way to enjoy the 18+ version of the game. I know in our heads we think this should be a no-brainer, but if there’s one thing I have learned from this job, it’s that a lot of Japanese companies don’t like dealing in eroge when it comes to the West.

I’m sure Tenco feels like it’s taking a chance here and I am appreciative they are taking that chance. Likewise, I’m thankful to JAST USA for bringing them to the table as it were. Negotiations for this stuff isn’t easy and I can only imagine the back and forth that had to occur. Hopefully one day soon the both these companies can bring us Eiyu*Senki GOLDUntil then, we can still conquer the world with the one that started the series.

Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest is available from the following places and in the following versions:

Happy gaming everyone!

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