World of FF | Golem
Good things come in small packages!

Last October, the world got its first chance to experience the chibi delights in World of Final Fantasy, initially released on Vita and PS4. I found that pocket title to be far more enjoyable than I could have ever anticipated, with lots of heart, fantastic style and deep combat. You might not guess a game with chibi cameos from many of the Final Fantasy games could be anything other than a cheap cash grab, but you’d be desperately wrong assuming that. This was just as entertaining for me as many classic Final Fantasy titles. The only real complaint I had with World of Final Fantasy was a lack of incentive to delve into the postgame, but the main game still kept me entertained for hours.

World of FF | Combat

While not everybody has access to a PS4 and Vita, now many other fans can see what this lovely game has to offer, as it is now available on Steam. For $39.99, you’re going to spend hours upon hours with chibi FF characters, and unless you utterly hate classic RPGs, you’ll have a good time. So if you feel like jumping into a new game and have a hankering for Pokémon style mayhem, you can explore Grymoire starting today! Fantastic news, kupo!


Josh Speer
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