project_x_zoneUpon announcing the release date for the English-localized version of Project X Zone, Namco Bandai offered up a batch of screenshots for the game with English text. In these screens, we see various stills of beautifully animated characters frozen in the middle of their super-animations, as well as images from the dialogue scenes, the strategy map, and the combat gameplay.

From Namco’s Facebook Album, where the images are found:

Project X Zone presents players with a groundbreaking Strategy-RPG experience featuring over 50 characters from an assortment of famous gaming franchises from three of Japan’s biggest video game publishers including NAMCO BANDAI’s TEKKEN® universe, SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles™, Capcom’s Street Fighter™ series, and more. Check out screenshots below

project x zone chun li morrigan project x zone grid project x zone kite black rose project x zone morrigan project x zone telos project x zone ulala project x zone xiaoyu project x zone zero

As a consequence of eager anticipation, the amount of screens are not satisfying enough to whet ravenous appetites, since they offer only a glimpse of what to expect from playing Project X Zone. Fortunately, there is a teaser trailer out right now that can be viewed at this page, including some valuable information about Limited Edition copies that will be available for Project X Zone. Hopefully we’ll see more screens and videos in the future.

Namco Bandai has gone through a great deal to bring this game over internationally, as the rights for each character in the game (including the most obscure ones like the John McClain/Bruce Willis lookalike from Dynamite Deka) had to be re-negotiated. You can read more information about this HERE.

Project X Zone will be available in both North America and Europe in the month of June; however, the North American release is slated for the 25th, while the European date is still to be announced.

Andy Na
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