Episicava | Storytelling Aniam

Episicava | Storytelling Aniam

Your people have been massacred. Your close friend Aria has been taken by the very group that murdered everyone close to you. Things look bleak, but in a world of supernatural abilities, you have one trump card. The ability to retain and utilize the power of others.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, what will you do?

This, my friends, is the setup to EpisicavaA new eroge from developer Epicworks and publisher Superhippo Studios which is available on Nutaku for purchase.

The story itself sounds pretty interesting. The story of Episicava actually starts about fifty years prior when Earth came in contact with the “Alpha Nebula” and people started developing superpowers. While, of course, this is going to cause some upheaval in society. It actually ends up splitting humanity into several unique races.

Episicava | Kato
Somehow I don’t think you mean the sexy kind of torture and punishment considering how big that sword is.

Of these, one race, in particular, was seen as especially powerful due to their ability to utilize the abilities of the other races. These were the “Emulators” and it seems like someone didn’t like all the potential they held because at the start of the game they’re essentially massacred. This spurs our hero, Arin Arlento, to act as he fights to try and save what’s left of his people and rescue his dear friend Aria.

What will the outcome of Arin’s journey be? I leave that for you to discover.

Episicava is available on Nutaku for $10.00 or 1000 Nutaku Gold. 

Alos check out the Press Release below for more information.

Happy Reading!

Nutaku | Featured

Nutaku Announces NEW Downloadable Sci-Fi Hentai Title, Episicava
Embark on a quest to avenge a lost civilization and save the last of your people

MONTREAL – November 15, 2017 – It’s one misguided man against the world. Sex, revenge, and harnessing the great powers of a dying race, characterize the latest coming of age visual novel to hit Nutaku’s platform today. Inspired by series like Fate, and Tokyo Babel, Episicava delivers a heavy dose of action, adventure, and war, in this highly psychological battle of the wits.

Episicava | Arin Battle 1

About Episicava:

Fifty years ago, the face of the Earth was permanently changed when it came into contact with a mysterious force known as the “Alpha Nebula.” As a result, humans developed various supernatural abilities and divided themselves into unique races. Among these races existed a special group of people who managed to retain the abilities of all the other realms – a powerful, but small and isolated group known as “Emulators.” Players begin their journey through the eyes of Arin Arlento, one of the last living Emulators after a great massacre left all his people for dead.

Arin must learn that great strength comes from within, as he seeks to avenge his people, and save his friend, Aria, from the captors that decimated his people. With over 40 unique backgrounds with alluring artwork and electrifying battle scenes, Episicava offers a rare experience that will leave players craving revenge.

Episicava | UI

Gaming Elements:

  • 10+ hours of gameplay
  • 35+ unique CGs including event, battle and hentai
  • Full range gallery + sound room + event mode
  • Hentai scene replays
  • Full customized UI with a unique charge circle addition
  • No censors or mosaics
  • Over 20 BGM+
  • Exciting battle scenes with HQ visual effects
  • DLC side stories

Available for Download HERE (NSFW)
Price: $10.00

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