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NSFW Warning: The following article is about a game intended for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

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The 16-bit era was a glorious time for gaming in general. Games like Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana are still to this day considered legendary. So why do I bring those games up in particular? Especially when talking about an 18+ title. Well, what if I told you that this particular game features a story where you must find a goddess, travel through a vast overworld, and capture cute creatures which you then raise to help you in battle? Kinda brings elements from all those games into play, doesn’t it? Well, that game is Shards of Eradine.

Shards of Eradine | Waking Up
Another trope of the 16-bit era of gaming. Waking up in bed from a strange dream.

Shards of Eradine launched last week on Nutaku and just looking images from the product page, this game looks gorgeous. While the game features beautiful artwork and graphics, it still very much looks like it’d fit right alongside any RPG from the 16-bit era. Which is quite an accomplishment. While the Press Release below doesn’t mention Secret of Mana, looking at these images that was exactly the first game that came to my mind. It really does evoke that feel just from looking at it. But, pretty images and nostalgia alone do not make a good game. So what else do we have to consider?

While I haven’t picked up a copy myself, yet, looking over the bullet points in the Press Release a few things jump out at me. First is the length of the game. Over 20-hours of story makes this a shorter RPG than most. However, considering the quality of the art, it’s probably safe to assume there’s some good quality writing here. Another point I noticed was the nymphs.

Shards of Eradine | Sheep
C’mon, tell me she isn’t adorable.

Nymphs seem to play a pretty big role in the game and there 44 of them to find and raise. That’ll probably keep you busy for a while but add to that the fact that each apparently has eroge content of some kind and you can tell some work went into this one. While all of this is certainly impressive, what’s just as interesting is that developer CryptidTech isn’t done with the world of Eradine yet.

In addition to launching Shards of Eradine, the developer is hard at work on finishing up Taps of Eradine. Taps of Eradine is a strategy clicker game that originally was just a demo of content for Shards of Eradine. The team though has apparently fleshed out the idea and turned it into its own game. Kind of a neat way to keep evolving the world if you ask me. However, that’s still not the end as their website lists Lair of the Succubus as an upcoming game that takes place in the world of Eradine as well. It really sounds like CryptidTech is dedicated to evolving this world and I do like that. We’ll just have to see what comes of things.

Shards of Eradine | Taps of Eradine
Taps of Eradine is still being polished up, but it’s nice to know that there are still more adventures to be had in the world of Eradine.

Shards of Eradine is available now on Nutaku. While the game will normally run you $25.00, it’s available during launch week for $19.00.

Taps of Eradine is available for pre-registration at the moment. See the Press Release below for more information on both Shards of Eradine and Taps of Eradine.

Happy gaming!

Nutaku | Featured

Dive Into a War-torn World and Become a Hero in CryptidTech Retro Inspired Shards of Eradine

New on Nutaku: Resurrect the Spirit of a Goddess in the NEW adventurous RPG, published by Super Hippo Games

MONTREAL – November 7, 2017 – Revenge, war, beautiful Nymphs and a broken-hearted Goddess encapsulate CryptidTech’s latest game to launch on Nutaku’s platform today. This old-school RPG pays subtle homage to Pokemon and Zelda Link to the Past, taking you back to 90s inspired gameplay with endless adventures, vivid graphics, and uncensored adult scenes.

About Shards of Eradine:

Players work to defeat a band of Royal Soldiers, save tormented villagers, and fight to restore the heart of Goddess Eradine, which has been shattered into lost shards across the land. A myth whispered on the dying breath of the last Great Nymph trainer will fuel gamer’s desire for revenge, as they seek to resurrect the Goddess. The quest, if successful, will restore the lands to their former glory. CryptidTech delivers a journey filled with battles and obstacles, where players can meet exciting trainers during their quest, and recruit provocative girls along the way.

Inspired by the great 16-bit adventures of yesteryear, high resolution graphics and a hand painted touch, CryptidTech deems ‘Shards of Eradine’ the action-adventure game of 2017.

Shards of Eradine is a testament to the ungodly hours and hard work by a small and dedicated team. I hope people enjoy playing it as much as I’ve had making it, with hopefully some but not as many tears!”

– David Brown, Managing Director, CryptidTech

Gaming Elements:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn landscape inspired by the 16-bit era of action adventure with a modern color palette
  • Over 100 map unique locations to explore
  • A rich story with over 20 hours of gameplay to experience including side quests and hidden content
  • 44 gorgeous and unique nymphs to evolve and battle with at three stages
  • Exclusive adult content for each nymph

Available for Download HERE

Price: $25.00 (Currently available for $19.00 during launch week)

Pre-Registration for Taps of Eradine:

Nutaku is also happy to announce that pre-registration is now available for another CryptidTech creation, Taps of Eradine. This Browser title was originally intended as a mini-demo showcase of the content from Shards of Eradine, this unique strategy clicker combines combat with evolution, as you watch your party of nymphs evolve to unlock new artwork and adult scenes. Pre-registration rewards offer a head start on launch date, supplying 100,000 game currency, unlocked characters, and additional game assets to get players started. Both games were developed with care by CryptidTech, and published by Super Hippo Games.

Taps of Eradine is light-hearted, easy to play, and most importantly, it’s damn good fun.”

-David Brown, Managing Director, CryptidTech

Pre-registration Available HERE

Price: Free


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