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NSFW Warning:  The following article is about a game that is intended for adult audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

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A bit on the nose with that title, but hey at least we know what we’re getting. How does the booze fit into things though?

You start outside a wine cellar. Yep. not quite an inn, but I think you get the idea. You head right into the depths of the wine cellar which is actually a dungeon. In fact, it’s a pretty important dungeon in the land of Ataraxia since it’s a shrine to Yashumugi and a test for young maidens. However, not every maiden who undergoes these trials makes it out ok. Some become “Lost Maidens” and remain in “The Wine Cellar”, indulging in various guilty pleasures. Your mission is to not only rescue these maidens but also to get laid. Thus begins Girls And Dungeons.

Girls And Dungeons is a particularly interesting title. Mainly due to its aesthetics and price. Let’s tackle these in order starting with the game’s aesthetics. Looking at the screenshots there’s certainly a bit of retro feeling to things. It gives the game an interesting look, which really caught my eye. Contrasting this is the two H-CGs that are on Nutaku’s product page. You can certainly tell a lot of effort was put into them. So, that’s the aesthetics, but what about the price?

Girls And Dungeons | The Girls
That’s some high-quality sprite art.

Well, Girls And Dungeons only costs $3. Obviously, that got my attention since prices that low usually have a catch associated with them. Still only $3 for what could be an interesting title that according to the below Press Release takes inspiration from Criminal Girls and Ar Tonelico? You bet I grabbed a copy, I can live without a sandwich for a day. So, what did I find?

While I’ve only scratched the surface of the game (about an hour of playtime) I did make a few discoveries. First, the game certainly seems like it was made in RPG Maker. That’s not a bad thing since the purpose of RPG Maker is to help people make RPGs. This is most evident in the battle system as you can see below. The presentation here is bare-bones, but the battle system does work. Instead, as you can tell, the time and budget seem to have gone into other aspects of the game. The second discovery is that the H-scenes are not thrown at you.

Girls And Dungeons | Battle System
The presentation of the battle system isn’t the best, but I’m more than willing to forgive the $3 game if the story and characters are interesting.

I may have missed something but I didn’t run into a single one in my short time with the game. I was able to rescue the first Lost Maiden, Loreley, and while you might think you’d get an H-CG just for that, I didn’t. In fact, I even purposely got a Game Over to see if that would do something and no, nothing. This means you’re probably going to have to work for those scenes, but once again that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just a design choice. So, what exactly does this all mean?

Well, in short, keep in mind this a $3 game. Don’t go into this expecting the world, but if you want to help a small developer out then this may be a good game to look at. There is effort put into Girls And Dungeons and your feedback could help an indie dev improve their craft.

Girls And Dungeons is available from Nutaku for $3 or 300 Nutaku Gold.

Please take a look at the Press Release below for more information.

Girls And Dungeons | Drinking Game
Well if you excuse me, I’m gonna pour myself a screwdriver and join the fun. See you next time!

Nutaku Gets Players Tipsy With the Launch of Sexy NEW Turn Based RPG, Girls & Dungeons

Fanservice filled dungeon RPG follows the story of a young mercenary exploring a long forgotten dungeon


MONTREAL – November 9, 2017 – Booze, silly interactions, inspiring battles, and of course sexy, fanservice filled moments make for an intriguing new addition to Nutaku’s ever-expanding gaming platform. Inspired by Criminal Girls, with a touch of combat style paying homage to At Tonelico, this new RPG has entertaining, lighthearted gameplay, and is perfectly befitting for those who appreciate early 90s Japanese artwork.

About Girls & Dungeons:

Following the story of a young mercenary, gamers can start their journey in a wine cellar, fighting off NightCrawlers and of course, VinoJellies.  Explore the long forgotten dungeon and team up with some charming “Lost Maidens” to take on the threat of the mysterious demon of intoxication, Yashumugi. This bizarre, light-hearted adventure will leave players in disbelief as they make their way through one strange world filled hidden secrets waiting to be discovered.

Gaming Elements:

  • All original, beautifully stylized pixel art & animations
  • 8+ hours of intense dungeon crawling & puzzle solving action
  • Five hidden, sexy fanservice scenes
  • A unique combat system
  • A branching story dependent on in-game choices
  • Weapon grades, fishing, cooking, side quests, and more!

Available for Download HERE

Price: $3.00 – 300 gold

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