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If you’re a fan of yuri or maids, then Denpasoft has a title for you to take a look at.

ebi-hime’s Blackberry Honey is now on sale on Steam and on Denpasoft’s online store for those of you who would prefer the 18+ version of this title.

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Purchasing through Denpasoft though does offer a set of exclusive wallpapers. To quote the site itself in regards to features:

  • ebi-hime’s very first adult game!
  • A cute lesbian love story
  • Detailed backgrounds and CGs
  • 1080p display
  • An original soundtrack by yuzuki with 18 unique pieces
  • A set of exclusive wallpapers
  • 100k words of text
  • Around 7-10 hours of reading
  • A kinetic storyline with no choices/branches
  • Very long, frilly dresses
  • Victorian maids(!!!)

Yes, both “Victorian maids(!!!)” and “Very long, frilly dresses” are features of this title and frankly I wish more games would list things like that. I always love it when a publisher has fun with a title.

If you want some more details about Blackberry Honey then take a look at this news post we did last week on the title:

Blackberry Honey will run you $12.99 normally but during the game’s launch window you can grab it for $11.69 on Denpasoft or Steam.

Be sure to check out the trailer and gallery below as well.

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