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Two lovely maids falling love. Is there anything more beautiful?

It’s a really good time to be a yuri fan. As of late, there’s been no shortage of yuri-tastic titles and Denpasoft is about to add another one to the list with Blackberry Honey. 

Blackberry Honey is the story of Lorina Waugh who is a maid. A maid who apparently dismissed from her previous job. Hoping to find work again she heads to rainy and dreary Bly where she is employed by the Lennard family.

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Well, that was uncalled for.

What follows is anything by a fun time for Lorina. The other maids don’t respect her, nor does twelve-year-old Lady Constance. The only one who seems even remotely respectful to poor Lorina is the parlour maid Taohua, who seems to have her own secrets.

What kind of bond will these two develop? Well, we’ll have to find out when the game launches on October 24th. However, there is one thing we should talk about in the meantime and that’s the developer, ebi-hime.

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My lady, all I did was merely point out that it was time for tea. Why are you so mean to me?

ebi-hime is a western visual novel developer who has quite a few games under her belt according to their and Steam pages. Of the titles listed, the one I remember hearing about was Strawberry VinegarGive the pages and her Tumblr a look in order to gain some more perspective on this one.

Blackberry Honey will release on October 24th via Denpasoft for $12.99 with exclusive wallpapers and H-CG’s in their version. If you pick up the game during the launch window you’ll also get a 10% discount as well. Finally, take a look at the trailer and its catchy opening theme below before checking out the Press Release and gallery.

Blackberry Honey

to be Released on DenpasoftBlackberry Honey | Logo

CERRITOS, CA, (October 18th, 2017) – Denpasoft and ebi-hime are excited to present Blackberry Honey, a mid-19th century story about maids, ghost stories, music and unexpected romance. The first adult game by ebi-hime is set to release on October 24th on Denpasoft for a price of $12.99 with a 10% launch discount.

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After a string of distasteful rumours on her dismissal from the dignified estate of Hartwell, Lorina Waugh is led to Bly to find work again. Bly is a dreary and crumbling home located in the middle of the Shropshire countryside, veiled under an almost constant downpour of rain.

Forced to work for the Lennard family, Lorina is bullied by the senior maids and, most embarrassingly of all, by the twelve-year-old Lady Constance. One of the few maids who deigns speak to Lorina is the mysterious Taohua, a parlour maid who seldom interacts with anyone. Taohua has her own private bedroom, never has to go to church on Sundays, and is treated with mistrust and suspicion by all in the nearby village. Like everyone else, Lorina doesn’t trust Taohua – at first. However, within time, the younger maid soon finds herself falling under Taohua’s spell.


  • Detailed backgrounds and CGs
  • 1080p display
  • An original soundtrack by yuzuki with 18 unique pieces
  • A set of exclusive wallpapers
  • 100k words of text
  • Around 7-10 hours of reading

About ebi-hime

ebi-hime is one of the most accomplished and prolific visual novel developers in the west, with over half a dozen titles and a combined word count of well over a million words. Her stories are known for their eloquent, evocative writing and the variety of art styles used to make them come to life.

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