Nintendo’s Animal Crossing finally migrates to mobile phones as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a campsite manager that lets you develop an abode for animal villagers and craft furniture. Like previous Animal Crossing games, this is a real-time relaxation sim but now with micro-transactions and countdown clocks. Here’s a bullet point run-down of everything you need to know about the upcoming mobile title.

This Crossing is set in the camp grounds of Breezy Hollow and its surrounding areas. You’ll visit the Market Place to shop, Saltwater Shores to fish, and Sunburst Island to hunt bugs. So it’s Animal Crossing business as usual. A map is provided as a means to fast-travel, but each area has a cool-down clock after you’ve exhausted their resources, until they’re refreshed.

By crafting furniture, you’ll attract animal villagers to your campsite. For the first time in the franchise, your relationships will be metered by a Friendship Level, which affects how often a villager will visit your camp. You can also perform tasks and fulfill requests for villagers to earn crafting materials and Bell currency. Selling bugs, fish, and corals among other things will earn you Bells.

Crafting orders courtesy of Cyrus (of New Leaf fame) will cost Bells. You’ll also have the option to purchase furniture with Leaf Tickets, the game’s free-to-play element. These can be purchased with (you guessed it) real-world money, but also are earned in-game through normal play. Tickets can also speed up the crafting process and supplement the materials you need.

In addition to furniture, your playable villager and their camper can be decorated, too. You can buy clothes and decorate your camper inside and out. OK Motors, run by series newcomers Giovanni, Pepe, and Carlo, will take care of your paint jobs. Amenities can also be built, such as a pool, to attract further animals to your stomping grounds.

Human villagers may cross over with your campsite for a visit, allowing you to visit their campsite and exchange bells for their fish, fruit and bugs. Giving these fellow players “kudos” gives you the chance to add them to your game’s friend list.

As the Animal Crossing series runs in real-time, Nintendo promises seasonal events and seasonal items for Pocket Camp as limited-time offers. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp won’t keep you waiting long, as the mobile spin-off launches worldwide in late November. Pre-loading is also available via the official site.

Alex Irish
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