HADO | World Cup beginning

HADO | World Cup beginning

Hiroka Hamanoto of Tokyo Otaku Mode has shared information about a new AR game from Japan. HADO is played with a headset and arm sensor. Players are able to shoot energy balls and launch shields to block enemy attacks. In the game proper, it is 3 vs 3 and after the time limit, the team with the most points wins. Coincidentally, there will be a tournament based around the game at Star Rise Tower in Japan. Teams from the US, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Spain, and Singapore will be participating. Whoever comes in first place will receive a grand prize of two million yen. The world cup will begin at December 3rd this year.


HADO WORLD CUP, which gathered attention last year as the first ever international techno-sport tournament, is back again. This year, the HADO WORLD CUP 2017 has a total of 3,000,000 Yen in prizes! We’d like even readers who had never heard of HADO until now to pay attention as the intense battle of AR sports unfolds.

HADO is an all-new AR (augmented reality) game that you play with wearable devices (a head mount display and arm sensor) while seeing artificial images overlaid on the real space around you.
Players can shoot energy balls from their own hands and use shields to block attacks from other opponents, all while trying to score the most points within the time limit. Each team has 3 members and matches are 3 vs. 3.

Move freely around the playing field and cooperate with teammates to win. That is how to enjoy HADO.

How to Play HADO

First, put on the head mount display.

Wear the specialized device on your arm. Using the display, you can create original skills. Decide who your defenders and attackers are before starting the game.

All necessary preparations have been made.

The game has started!

Right after the game started, an intense rally unfolded.

This is what the players see. The gauge at the bottom shows how many times the energy balls and shield can be used. When the player is hit, the visual field flashes red. It’s anxiety-inducing!

You can create a shield by raising your arm. With it, you can prevent attacks from the opponent and turn the tables for a counterattack.

The shield can be broken with a certain amount of damage.

If you stop moving, you’re done for. Constantly moving, feinting, and not giving your opponent time to attack are essential.

Cooperate with your teammates to score points.

Time’s up! The team with the most points wins.

The final score is announced at the end. Trying to beat your own high score is another way to enjoy the game.

What is HADO WORLD CUP 2017?

The HADO WORLD CUP 2017 is where teams that have won in tournaments from around the world will gather to battle on December 3rd. This year, teams from six different countries will be participating.

The prizes for the HADO WORLD CUP 2017 total 3,000,000 Yen.
Details about the prizes are written below.

1st Place (Team): 2,000,000 Yen
2nd Place (Team): 500,000 Yen
3rd Place (Team): 200,000 Yen
Best Costume Award (Team): 100,000 Yen
Best Performance Award (Digital Hollywood University Award) (Team): 50,000 Yen + Insta360 ONE
Best Attacker Award (Individual): 50,000 Yen
Best Defender Award: (Individual): 50,000 Yen
Most Running Award (Individual): 50,000 Yen

On the day of the HADO WORLD CUP, matches are planned to be broadcast via Youtube Live, Facebook Live, and niconico video for those who cannot make it to the event location to watch.
For the latest information about the HADO WORLD CUP event location and other news, please check the official homepage.

・Date: December 3, 2017 (Sunday)
・Location: Star Rise Tower (Japan)
・Subject: Team Battle Qualifying League and Final Tournament / Exhibition
・Participation Fee: Free (*Spectators also free)
・Participation Methods: Enter into and win a local tournament for your right to appear at the Final
・HADO WORLD CUP Homepage: http://meleap.com/worldcup/
・Inquiries: HADO WORLD CUP Executive Office, [email protected]
・Sponsored by: meleap inc.
・HADO Official Site: http://meleap.com/

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