A Silent Voice

The English dub voice cast for A Silent Voice have been revealed by publisher Anime Limited. It was noted that the role of Shoko Nishimiya will be played by deaf actress Lexi Cowden. A preview of the dub was also released. Here’s the rest of the cast.

Shoya Ishida – Robbie Daymond

Shoya Ishida (Sixth Grade) – Ryan Shanahan

Naoka Ueno – Kira Buckland

Naoka Ueno (Sixth Grade) – Gia Grace

Miki Kawai – Amber Lee Connors

Miki Kawai (Sixth Grade) – Annabelle Corigliano

Miyoko Sahara – Melissa Hope

Miyoko Sahara (Sixth Grade) – Catie Harvey

Hirose – Brian Bekerle

Kazuki Shimada – Michael Sinterniklaas

Kazuki Shimada (Sixth Grade) – Spencer Rosen

Yuzuru Nishimiya – Kristen Sullivan

Yaeko Nishimiya – Lipica Shah

Ito Nishimiya – Janis Carol

Miyoko Ishida – Sara Cravens

Nagatsuka – Graham Halstead

Satoshi Mashiba – Max Mittelman

Maria – AnnaBelle Deaner

A subbed version of the film will be shown in some theaters in the US on October 20. The film is currently availble for pre-order on Amazon UK.


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