GTFO is a co-op survival horror shooter that will soon be entering Early Access on Steam. It’s being developed by 10 Chamber Collective, a Swedish team formed in 2015 and made up of some individuals responsible for the PAYDAY series.

GTFO is described in the press release as a cross between “James Cameron’s Aliens and Left 4 Dead“. It hopes to evoke both horror and satisfying action-y FPS gameplay, as well as provide a real challenge. The four players are prisoners held captive by a mysterious entity, and must work together to explore an underground complex, extract artifacts, and find a means of escape all while dealing with horrifying monster who have overrun the complex. It’ll feature a fairly unique mechanic the devs are calling “The Rundown”, where basically the games levels are constantly being updated and changed to always be providing players a new experience and new challenges. You can checkout the trailer below where one of the games developers goes into greater detail:



GTFO will be coming to a Steam Early Access near you December 9th, 2019.


SOURCE: Press Release


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