Hyper Universe is seeing some minor but sweeping changes for its release on Steam. The female character portraits and the game’s breast physics are being toned down for the Western release. The game’s publisher Nexon had this to say about the changes in a post over on the Steam forums.

Hello everyone,

I implore everyone to read the original thread on the official forums regarding censorship.[forums.hyperuniverse.nexon.net]

If you pay attention, as some others have quoted, the changes were more so to make the female’s chest areas look more human and, well, a bit less ridiculous. Some of the females are a bit more modest in size and clothes compared to other versions of the game. We had complaints when we were at PAX South, in Alpha, and Closed Beta hence the decision to do what we did, without going overboard and giving every character a turtleneck sweater.

There are hard and thoughtful reasonings behind what we did – we do not want Hyper Universe to come off as a “quick cash scheme”, as we want to support it in the long term future. Some thoughts we took into consideration was potential broadcasting and tournament streams where some Hypers may make viewers feel uncomfortable or questionable to watch due to various reasons.

Overall, these changes do not detract from the gameplay nor the art in the game.

I would also say that speculating about future Hypers being censored is nearly worthless until they release or their art is shown for this region – especially regarding a certain succubus.

These changes effect nearly every female character in the game in some fashion.

Censored Gaming has released a video showing off some comparisons between the Steam release and the Korean release.

My take is that this is becoming more of a common practice with these types of games when they are being localized, and I honestly feel adding a simple toggle for original art and physics would’ve been a better solution. They should also probably teach their PR guy not shame big breasted women by saying they look ridiculous.


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