BlazBlue Centralfiction Jubei header

BlazBlue Centralfiction Jubei header

UPDATE: Aksys announced this morning that Jubei will be releasing in the west on August 31 as well, along with the balance patch. The patch will be free, while Jubei will cost $7.99 USD.

Original article: Arc System Works has announced when new fighter Jubei will be released for Japanese home versions of BlazBlue Centralfiction. According to the official BlazBlue series Twitter account and a post on the Arc System Works website, Jubei will be joining the roster on August 31 for Japanese PS4 and PS3 owners.

The Jubei DLC will set those interested back 800 yen, and it will release alongside a balance patch that will update the console versions to match the recently-released version 2.0 in arcades. The 2.0 arcade update came on August 3, and included Jubei as well as previously console-exclusive characters Mai Natsume, Es and Susano’o.

There’s a Google Doc going around with the fully translated patch notes for the 2.0 version. Credits for the translation are at the beginning of the document.

The post also mentioned that the update will be coming to the PC version “in the near future”. No release date has been set for the western release, other than this summer.


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