No Game No Life Zero | title


Kadokawa have released a trailer with English subtitles for No Game No Life Zero. You can watch the trailer below:

An incident at the time long before everything was decided by the game, long before any battles were forbidden and the ’Disboard’ was created.

It is the era of the great war where everyone fights to become the world’s only one God. The terrible war, splitting the heavens, breaking the earth, and even destroying the stars, caused unreasonable deaths to those not having the power to fight.

A young man called Riku, leads the humans dispelled by various races with unutterable power. He tries everything so that the people can live on. One day, Riku meets a mechanical young girl named Schwi in the city of elves.

She was abandoned by her group because of her curiosity about the ’heart’ – a thing machines can never have – which caused a systematical error. Schwi begs Riku to teach her the ’human’s heart’ to correct the error.

This is a story of the “oldest myth”, taken place more than six thousand years ago which eventually leads to the “newest myth”.

An untold story, neither archived nor remembered by anyone is about to start…


As of right now we do not have a date for when the English version will be out, however Sentai Filmworks have announced that they have acquired the license for the film. So we should expect another announcement soon.


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