Welcome to the latest and greatest Nintendo Download! This week is a bit more exciting than last, and it even has some games on sale! Besides that, there are some new My Nintendo deals and new digital content. Let’s see what’s worth playing this week.

Nintendo Download | Miitopia

Starting tomorrow, two games are hitting retail. First up is Miitopia, a fun and simple RPG that uses your Mii avatars as everything from your party to the monsters you fight. While it’s an enjoyable premise, and I can recommend the demo, I don’t think it’s worth the price it retails at. I might pick it up when it’s half or more off, but asking $39.99 for a game that should be $10 is a bit steep. The other game, which I recommend much more highly, is Hey! Pikmin. Don’t let any early negative press sour you, I really enjoyed the demo on my 3DS. While it may not be for everybody, the gameplay is relaxing, clever and makes you think about puzzle solving. It’s more of a game to curl up with, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Hey! Pikmin will retail at the same price as Miitopia, so if you want a fun 2D Pikmin experience, I would snag that starting tomorrow.

Nintendo Download | Hey! Pikmin

If you want something new starting today, you might be interested in Overcooked Special Edition. It’s a couch co-op with 1-4 players for cooking mayhem on the Switch. For those more retro inclined, tomorrow you can pick up Namco Museum, also for the Switch (if you’re on the fence, you can try out the demo starting today). It features many classics such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Splatterhouse, Druaga, Rolling Thunder, Skykid or Tank Force! If you love retro gaming on new consoles, then I would heartily recommend you check that out.

Nintendo Download | Namco Museum

On the sales front, the Game Guide is working once more, so let’s see what’s worth checking out. First up, it may be controversial, but I still contend that Mighty No. 9 is worth picking up on sale, and you can get it for more than half off at $7.99 (Wii U); also fun is Trine Enchanted Edition for $7.49 (Wii U); the simple little Zelda-lite called Fairune is a steal at $1.99 (3DS); Rage of the Gladiator is a surprisingly great action game, especially for $3.49 (3DS); and finally, Trine 2: Director’s Cut is well worth it for only $9.99 (Wii U). Not a bad handful of games, but you can see the full list here.

Nintendo Download | Swapdoodle

My Nintendo is celebrating the release of the 2DS XL with some Swapdoodle DLC, intended to help you learn how to draw things. Here are the DLC offered – Nikki’s Simply Adorable Animals; Super Mario Basic Lessons; Wind Waker; and the last two are exclusive to My Nintendo – Stationery Set A and Stationery Set B. So if you have that creative spark, you might enjoy getting more out of your Swapdoodle.

Nintendo Download | Ultra Hyperball

Lastly, there are some new digital games to check out this week. If you’re the type who enjoys classic games, you might want to look at Ultra Hyperball. It’s a simple, colorful and quirky looking game with various modes and 49 different characters. It also makes use of Switch functionality to play all the activities, which is neat. If you want older, then ACA NEOGEO has you covered with Super Sidekicks, one of the very first realistic soccer games. For the platformers out there, you can try hardcore Kid Tripp for 3DS. If you like a more hectic action game, you should try Ninja Spirit on Wii U. And last but not least, the wonderfully weird Air Zonk is also on the Wii U VC, and I’m gonna pick it up once I get finished typing. A pretty eclectic mix of digital goodness, if I say so myself.

Nintendo Download | Air Zonk

That’s it for this week’s Download! Hopefully you all appreciated the larger list of games to check out. Stay tuned to oprainfall next time for the next Download, with the best new Nintendo releases worth a look.

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