GochiUsa | Cocoa and Chino Nendoroids

Good Smile Company is bringing fans of the adorable series, GochiUsa (Is the Order a Rabbit?) a brand new Nendoroid and a rerelease of another. The new Nendoroid features the “big sister” of the Rabbit House cafe, Cocoa Hoto. Alongside this new release, Good Smile Company is rereleasing the Nendoroid that features Cocoa’s “little sister”, Chino Kafuu.

Now you have the opportunity to display these two adorable characters together! If that wasn’t enough, Chino’s Nendoroid also comes with Tippy. A GochiUsa display just wouldn’t be complete without that fluffy white ball rabbit.

Good Smile Company describes the Nendoroids as follows:

GochiUsa | Cocoa Nendoroid 1

Nendoroid Cocoa:

From the popular anime “Is the Order a Rabbit??” comes a Nendoroid of the Rabbit House café’s employee, Cocoa! She comes with three face plates including a cheerful standard face, a smiling face with closed eyes as well as a determined expression beaming with confidence.

Optional accessories include café’s items such as a coffee cup and tray, as well as the rabbit Tippy and a digital camera. The Nendoroid also includes the dog ears and tail that featured in the series! Be sure to display her together with Nendoroid Chino who is being rereleased at the same time! Is the order two Nendoroids?

GochiUsa | Chino Nendoroid 1

Nendoroid Chino:

“From the anime series “”Is the Order a Rabbit?”” comes a rerelease of the Rabbit House café’s only daughter, Nendoroid Chino! She comes with three face plates including a listless standard expression, a doubtful expression with glaring eyes as well as an excited expression for when she sees something cute.

Optional parts include a coffee cup, vacuum coffee maker and a counter to recreate the atmosphere of the Rabbit House café! Her rabbit ‘Tippy’ is also included together with a special cup to sit in! Nendoroid Cocoa has also been announced and will be up for preorder at the same time, so be sure to order her too!”

You can check out more pictures of these Nendoroids below.

GochiUsa | Cocoa Nendoroid 2 GochiUsa | Cocoa Nendoroid 3

GochiUsa | Cocoa Nendoroid 4 GochiUsa | Chino Nendoroid 2

GochiUsa | Chino Nendoroid 3 GochiUsa | Chino Nendoroid 4

GochiUsa | Chino Nendoroid 5

The Cocoa Nendoroid is sculpted by Chen Tian (Good Smile Shanghai) and the Chino Nendoroid is sculpted by Kirukiru. Both Nendoroids are manufactured by Good Smile Company and stand approximately 10 cm tall. They are both set to be released in December 2017.

The Chino Nendoroid was originally released in December 2015. It is being rereleased alongside the new Cocoa Nendoroid.

You can pre-order both Nendoroids at the specified links below:

Are you ready to bring home these adorable characters?

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