Flash Sale

PSN Flash Sale

There is a flash sale that started on the North American PlayStation Network. It will go on until July 24th at 8AM(PT). Various titles are on sale including:

Black Rock Shooter (PSP) – $5.99

Prinny can I really be the hero (PSP) – $2.99

Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties Dood! (PSP) – $2.99

Crypt of the Necrodancer (Vita) – $4.49

Slain: Back from Hell (Vita/ps4) – $4.49

J-stars Victory VS (Vita/PS4) – $7.99/$11.99

One Piece Burning Blood Gold edition (Vita/PS4)- $9.99/$25.54

Sword Art Online: Lost Song (PS4) – 23.99

Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (Ps4) – $7.99

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Bundle (PS4) – $23.99

Godzilla (PS4) – $14.99

SOURCE (link to the sale)

Justin Guillou
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