Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2

The Splatoon 2 Direct has come and gone, and with it a ton has been revealed for the upcoming Nintendo Switch online shooter. Players will start they’re new journey in Inkopolis Square, where they will be able to obtain gear from the new shopkeepers, play one of the various modes, and check out other Inkling’s gear. While Miiverse is no longer available in Splatoon 2, players will be able to submit drawings in a post office box in the Square. These drawings will be featured throughout the Square and various stages.

All the original five weapons types will return in Splatoon 2, with the already announced Dualies giving players access to a dodge roll. A new weapon type called the Brella was also revealed. The Brellas will shoot out bursts of ink kind of like a shotgun, and when unfolded will offer defense against enemy attacks. Holding the block on the Brella will allow you to charge forward for a brief amount of time, but you will be unable to unfold the Brella again for a shot while.

While we have seen six stages so far, four more have been revealed. Sturgeon Shipyard allows you to do battle at an abandoned shipyard, while Port Mackerel returns from the original Splatoon with some redesigns and the addition of sponges. Two new stages, a cruise ship and a construction site were also revealed and will be coming in future updates.

Gear have received some new additions. While several abilities return, several more have been either updated or are brand new to Splatoon 2. For example, Quick Respawn now only activates after being splat several times without splatting anyone. The new Respawn Punisher ability increased both your respawn time and special respawn penalty to both yourself and whoever you splat. Meanwhile, the Drop Roller allows you to do a quick forward or side roll after super jumping.

Speaking of specials, every special will be new in Splatoon 2, even though a few are somewhat similar to specials in the previous game. New specials include Bomb Launcher lets you unleash a flurry of bombs on opponents, Ink Armors grants armor to you and your teammates that can take a single hit a damage, and the Baller lets you roll around in a explosive hamster ball.

One of the biggest surprises of the Splatoon 2 Direct was the reveal of two new idols, Pearl and Marina, who form the duo Off The Hook. Pearl is a spunky rocker while Marina is an Octoling DJ. Similar to Callie and Marie from the first game, these two will announce whenever a new Splatfest is on the way, and throw a concert in Inkopolis Square for everyone to enjoy.

Speaking of Splatfest, the Splatoon 2 World Premiere Splatfest will launch on July 15, less than a week before Splatoon 2 launches. Players will be able to download a demo and choose a side to compete in for a four-hour window. The competition will be Cake vs. Ice Cream for North America and Europe, and Pop vs. Rock in Japan. Players will also be able to form teams of four for Splatfest in the full game, and Splatfests will happen for two years, a year longer than the first Splatoon.

Similar to Splatoon, the game will receive updates for weapons, gear and stages for about a year, so players will have incentive to keep returning to the game. Splatoon 2 will launch worldwide on July 21. Check out the full Direct and screenshots from the Direct (courtesy of Brandon Rose) below.


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