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Vox-Games, Poysky Production, and JanduSoft S.L. are excited to announce that Regions of Ruin, their 2D pixel side-scrolling RPG, has arrived on PlayStation 4. The game has already been on Steam for a while, too. It will be launching on the Nintendo Switch on December 23rd. Following right afterward, the Xbox version will arrive on Christmas day. The game features town-building, with players exploring as they fight to build into the open world. The world is not so kind, though. It will be a growing challenge for you and your settlement. If you’re not careful, it may even threaten the Dwarves with extinction! Here is the game trailer:


Regions of Ruin features a main storyline full of quests and a styled combat system with stats and leveling up. Players will need to use the skill tree to hone their fighting skills. The game contains extensive loot and rare items to be uncovered. In their bid to expand their settlements and survive via customized town building, the Dwarves must forge their own equipment. It can alternatively be smelted from resources. There are no randomized maps or levels here. Instead, there is an open world, hand crafted environment to explore. Players can recruit Dwarves to join their town, and send workers to mine resources from previously explored areas. We all know life isn’t easy, though, so you’ll probably need to hire some Mercenaries to help with the inevitable battles that will come your way.

Regions of Ruin is rated Everyone 10+ by the ESRB. You can find out more about the game at the Regions of Ruin official website. As noted above, the Switch and Xbox versions are coming out in a few short days. Meanwhile, the game has just become available on PlayStation 4. It should also be noted that the game has additionally been on Steam for a while now if you prefer PC gaming. Here are links to the various major stores where you can find the game:


Finally, here is a handful of screenshots showing the game in action:

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