corrupted save

Welcome to the returning episode of the Corrupted Save Podcast

Joinng me on todays episode we have Aby, Fishheads, JG, Mao and Ramal

This week we talk about –
Release dates for FF7 Remake and KH3
Monster hunter XX on switch
Ubisoft farcry 5 controversy
Senran Kagura PBS limited edition announced
Summer lesson blonde edition
and The spiritual successor to Disaster Report

We also go over last episodes comments.

This week twenty years ago: Harvest Moon

As well as finding out what everyone has been playing and also what they want to “shout out and shout at”.

And finally, the Waifu of the week.

Our question of the day is: what would be your item you need to collect one hundred of to gain a life?

Finally, I am trying to get a quiz segment started up for the show but I need you, yes YOU the beautiful listeners answers.
Please fill in the following survey using the first thing that comes to your mind, it would really help me out.

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