Today Spike Chunsoft has released new details about their upcoming release of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE. These pertain about an unsolved case that occurs early in the game and the characters involved.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE will launch on Nintendo Switch  June 30, 2023.

An Unsolved Case Early Game
The Nail Man Killings
A string of murders occurs reminiscent of Kanai Ward’s most famous urban legend, the “Nail Man.” The Nail Man is finally caught, but the suspect’s young son claims that his father was falsely accused by the Amaterasu Peacekeepers and seeks help from the detectives. Protagonist Yuma accepts the case and attempts to solve the mystery of the horrific locked-room serial killings.
 All you’d need to do is write down the name of someone you hate, then make a doll resembling that person, nail the nametag to it, and leave it at the forest behind the church. This summons the Nail Man, who will kill that person for you. Or so the legend goes.
The Church
Residents claim that the dense forest behind the church is the setting for the urban legend of the Nail Man. You will need to speak to members of the church in relation to the case.
A Silent Curtain Call
A student dies at Aetheria Academy. Not wanting to complicate matters, the Peacekeepers only conduct brief interviews with those involved before deeming it a suicide by jumping. The deceased student’s best friend Kurumi Wendy is not satisfied with their findings and asks Yuma to investigate. Yuma then sets out to find a way to gain access to the crime scene, an all-girls school.
Aetheria Academy
The only girls’ school in Kanai Ward is located on top of a mountain, about 10 minutes by bus from Kamasaki District. It has a prestigious reputation and many of its students are children of Amaterasu Corporation employees. The school boasts a magnificent theater and devotes much of its resources to the theater club. Productions are held four times a year and are open to the general public.
Character Introductions
Kurumi Wendy
Japanese VA:  Megumi Toda
English VA: Lisa Reimold
A girl living in Kanai Ward who has a fascination with detectives. She’s quick to get along with anyone she meets due to her excellent communication skills. She is a student at Aetheria Academy and is a member of the theater club.
Masked Man
Japanese VA: Atsumi Tanezaki
English VA: Brandon Winckler
A mysterious masked man who lives on the top floor of Kanai Tower. His tendency to speak in riddles makes it difficult to ascertain his true nature, but he seems to have ulterior motives.

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