Critical Bliss is a brand new Visual Novel team that is aiming to increase the standards for the H-Scene in the Western market. Today they launched their very first Kickstarter project for a title called What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?  The story follows  a girl named Selene, who has an insatiable lust. Her boyfriend has dumped her due to not being able to deal with her lust any longer. This leaves her a bit traumatized, so she decides to lock her lust away.  This would not last long as her new neighbors, a succubus and an incubus, find themselves a new toy to play with.

Here are some of the features the game will have straight from the Kickstarter post:

  • This is a nukige (a visual novel with strong focus on adult content), so expect a lot of naughty stuff while you’re reading. W!?MNAD!!? has a strong focus on corruption and moral degeneration. Join our characters on their downward spiral of moral integrity.
  • A smooth and sensual soundtrack compliments our crazy scenes. Taking inspiration from the 80s, Critical Bliss aims to make high quality music you would want to hear outside of the story. We hope to deliver an original “A E S T H E T I C” experience.
  • W!?MNAD!!? explores a lot of fetishes and fetishistic scenarios. One can expect tons of variety, positions, and themes. The choices made in H-scenes will alter how those scenes play out. Unlock secret endings based on your decisions! (Disclaimer: This is for the final version of the game.)
  • Discover secret easter eggs hidden throughout the game. Will you be able to find them all? (Even more hidden goodies if certain goals are met.)
  • Critical Bliss strives to have an ear for quality and sound direction. H-scenes just don’t feel complete without some naughty sounds. Please look forward to well-directed groaning, moaning, panting, and other luscious murmurs echoing in the background.

The next few images will introduce you to the main cast:

They are offering various reward tiers that start off at $12 for the director’s cut of the game, $50 and $100 tiers that will get you some digital goodies and a $2000 tier that will allow you to create a story altering H-Scene for the game.

If you would like to pledge, find out more information or want to check out a free demo of the game head over to their Kickstarter page.

Steve Baltimore
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