All-Star Fruit Racing is an indie title coming on Steam Greenlight. This kart racer offers 5 pilots at the start with many more to unlock as you go. There are 23 total and all are based off a fruit of some kind. The game is set to release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Fall 2017, and was developed by industry veterans from Microsoft, Milestone and Ovosonico. Featuring gorgeous Unreal 4 graphics, adrenaline and juicy gameplay.

View the press release below for more on this title, including a list of features it offers.



All-Star Fruit Racing is the kart racing game you’ve been waiting for! More exciting, colourful, fruity, strategic and – most importantly – more fun than anything else before. With up to 23 characters to choose from and a highly customisable kart, you will compete to achieve victory by dodging coconut bowling balls and hungry dinosaurs, while racing on the moon or Machu Picchu. Play as many as 4 of your friends in split-screen mode or play online with up to 8 players.

Speed is nothing without strategy: picking up the fruits, stacking them in the tanks of the kart and unleashing their power fully or partially at the right moment of the race are pivotal to success. Exciting and memorable races are furthermore guaranteed by the unique final moves actionable by each pilot when all the tanks are full.

Choose your pilot from 23 different characters, the look and image of each character is based on a different fruit e.g. Banana, Cherry, Apple, Peach etc.
A first-time player will be able to choose from 5 pilots, the remaining pilots are unblocked as the player progresses through the career mode.


  • Single-player and multiplayer modes. Support for four players in local split-screen and for eight in online races.
  • A roster of twenty-three characters.
  • Four islands each representing a weather season and 16 tracks. One special island to unlock with five additional tracks.
  • Three different karts customisable with 21,375 possible combinations.
  • Twelve racing formats.
  • Thirty-nine power ups.
  • Unlockable characters, kart adds-on, tracks.
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