The creator of Cave Story latest game Kero Blaster will be up on the PlayStation Network later today. Here are some details about this retro styled platformer straight from the press release:

The latest work from Cave Story’s Creator, Pixel, releases Kero Blaster to PlayStation 4
Kero Blaster is a side scrolling action shooting game from Studio Pixel, the creators behind Cave Story. It has just released worldwide on PlayStation 4.
After its success on PC and iOS, Kero Blaster was released on Steam, adding an extra mode “Zangyou mode”, named after the Japanese word for “overwork”. Now, it has been released on PlayStation 4 worldwide.


  • Stunning pixel graphics.
  • A challenging game play with different difficulty settings.
  • Nine different languages implemented.
  • Boss Rush mode.
  • A full set of PlayStation trophies to discover and unlock.
  • An unlockable “Zangyou mode”.
  • Challenging mechanics and traps.
  • Fantastic bosses at the end of every stage.


Steve Baltimore
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