Brawlout Featured Image

Brawlout Featured Image

I recently got the opportunity to participate in the closed beta for Brawlout, a competitive platform-fighting game slated to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2017. I was really excited about being able to try this game out, as I’ve spent plenty of time playing games like this in between classes at college. I’ve even dabbled in some tournaments here and there, so I think I have a fair idea on what makes a game like this work. But how does this game stack up to others in its field?

From the starting menu, you have a wide variety of things to choose from. You have the normal options like local play, which is surprisingly available even on the Steam version, quick play, online play, and even a really cool mode called Brawlout TV. I really like the addition of the last mode, because you can watch pre-saved matches as well as live matches. This is a nice touch seeing as this is a competitive game. You can watch live tournaments, watch high level players and try to improve your skill level, or just watch a couple of friends battle it out as a spectator. You could probably even host your own tournament this way if you felt up to it. This game has a huge amount of things that you can do, so you can play the game exactly how you want to.

Brawlout | Menu

The design of this game is beautiful. All of the character models are nicely done and give a good amount of character to each of the fighters. The stage designs are gorgeous, and all of them favor different playstyles. The music is really fast-paced and energetic; it really gets your blood pumping. All in all there isn’t much I can complain about in the design department. Everything fits the mood and works exactly like it should. The sound effects are solid, the animations are smooth, and the game is really pretty to look at.

I did, however, have very minute problems with the mechanics. A lot of the moves worked really well when using both a gamepad and a keyboard, but some of them worked a little bit too well. The monkey character in particular has a lot of moves that are really spammable in a competitive scene, like his ability to latch onto an opponent and pull them. These did not hinder my enjoyment when playing this game with other people, however they may need to be tweaked slightly for competitive play.

Brawlout | Fight

I really do love a lot of aspects about this game. I especially like the addition of a bar in the top right corner that shows when either you or an opponent are having connection issues. It’s a nice feature so that you and your friend, or even a tournament, can be halted so that the issue can be resolved. There’s also the fact that you can play with up to eight people at any given time, which adds a whole new level of fun as you try to traverse the chaotic screen and beat all seven of your opponents. The characters are really good too, especially my favorite which is definitely Paco, the luchador frog. Not only is his design my favorite because I’m a huge wrestling fan, but I also love his fast flurry of punches, combined with his really cool recovery move which sees his tongue latch onto an enemy so that he can pull himself closer. I can’t wait to see what new characters get added over time and I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

The game is really fun, and shows a lot of promise. I really like how this game is releasing on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Those systems have been really lacking in these types of games, and it’s a nice change of pace. It’s about time that PS4 and Xbox One owners had the chance to anger and frustrate their friends like Nintendo players have been able to do for years with Smash Bros. Personally, I’ll be sure to pick this game up the second it comes out so that I can play with all of my friends. I can’t recommend looking into this game enough. The gameplay is solid and fast-paced, the music is absolutely wonderful, and everything is very fluid and pleasing to the eye. You can find more info about the game here, and even sign up for the beta if you’re feeling up to it. If you like competitive games or just infuriating your friends, then Brawlout is a must have for you.

Dalton McClain
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