VA-11 Hall-A

Maybe it’s because I recently saw Blade Runner 2049, but I’m in that dreary, rain soaked mindset so conducive to mystery and noir. Which is why it’s fitting today that I’m writing up a Vita release date to a lovely little noir escapade, none other than VA-11 HALL-A, by Sukeban Games and Wolfgame! Last time I thought about VA-11 HALL-A it was when I got the chance to cover it at PAX Prime 2014, and later when oprainfall’s review of it went live thereafter. It was a visually fascinating game with great writing and dripping with style. Now the fact that myself and others can finally play it on our Vita for $14.99 as of November 14th has me excited all over again! Stay tuned to oprainfall for more noir and Vita news worth reading.

Josh Speer
Josh is a passionate gamer, finding time to clock in around 30-40 hours of gaming a week. He discovered Operation Rainfall while avidly following the localization of the Big 3 Wii RPGs. He enjoys SHMUPS, Platformers, RPGs, Roguelikes and the occasional Fighter. He’s also an unashamedly giant Mega Man fan, having played the series since he was eight. As Head Editor and Review Manager, he spends far too much time editing reviews and random articles. In his limited spare time he devours indies whole and anticipates the release of quirky, unpredictable and innovative games.