Headup Games and Fabraz have teamed up with Black Screen Records for global distribution of the Slime-San soundtrack. It is available in both digital and vinyl forms. The all-star soundtrack features 19 varying music tracks to enjoy. The developers have also made a sample from the soundtrack available for people to listen to online. Fabian Rastorfer from Fabraz commented:

“The music complements the game’s pixel art aesthetic but each track was also designed with a certain gameplay aspect in mind. We wanted to create a soundtrack that is worth the price of admission alone, and I think we’ve accomplished that.”

Here’s the sound track sample they have put up online for people to check out:


You can also check out the full press release below:



Slime-san: Soundtrack Sample

Slime-san comes with an incredible, all-star soundtrack – digitally and on vinyl!


Headup Games, Fabraz and Black Screen Records are happy to announce their cooperation for the worldwide publishing and distribution of the soundtrack to their upcoming action-platformer Slime-san.

The soundtrack will be available as a physical release on vinyl and can also be downloaded or streamed online. It features the following tracks and composers:

1. Mighty Mama (Ear)Worm – Richard Gould
2. Mixtapeworm – Adhesive Wombat
3. Slumptown Shuffle – Mischa Perella
4. Slimy Success – FantomenK
5. Wormhole – Adhesive Wombat
6. Hit the Slime Note – Meganeko
7. Instrumental Intestine – Kommisar
8. Organ Donor – Mischa Perella
9. Akiha-Worma – Meganeko
10. Brain Beats – Tiasu
11. Old Worm and the Sea – Lumena-tan
12. Acid Trip – Mischa Perella
13. Heart Trebbles – Kubbi
14. Woodwinds – Adhesive Wombat
15. Birdie Breakdown – Carl Clark
16. Uvula’s Groovula – Inverse Phase
17. Red Shadow’s Revenge – Saad Akter Ali
18. Slime Crisis – Meganeko
19. Tequila and (S)lime – Michael Miller

“The music complements the game’s pixel art aesthetic but each track was also designed with a certain gameplay aspect in mind. We wanted to create a soundtrack that is worth the price of admission alone, and I think we’ve accomplished that.”, says Fabian Rastorfer from Fabraz.

Black Screen Records published soundtracks for games such as Dear Esther, Pony Island and Risk Of Rain. They are the ideal partner to offer the fantastic Slime-san soundtrack as a beautiful vinyl to all music-lovers and collectors out there.

The digital release date for the soundtrack will be simultaneous with the game release on April 7th. The vinyl release will follow early June, but you can already add it to your wishlist and get an “It’s Available!” email notification as soon as the exclusive pre-order goes live in early April through the Black Screen Records store.

Make sure to check out the soundtrack sample and the game trailer!

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Awards & Recognition

  • Official Selection of the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth (August 2016)
  • Finalist @ IndiePrize Tel Aviv (September 2016)
  • Semi-finalist @ Game Development World Championship (October 2016)
  • Best Style Nominee @ Playcrafting 16Bit Awards (November 2016)
  • Finalist @ IndiePrize Berlin (December 2016)
  • Member of Swiss Games Delegation (December 2016)
  • Best Indie Game Nominee @ PAX East 2017 (




About Headup Games

Headup Games is a hybrid games publishing and development company providing players worldwide with the best content in the independent gaming sector. Active on all major platforms such as consoles, mobile devices and PC, the company has released over 100 titles since its establishment in 2009. With over 50 million customers served on mobile and further several million players on the PC and consoles, Headup Games is always looking to raise awareness and commercial success for developers thinking outside the box. More information can be found at


About Fabraz

Fabraz is an independent game development studio that prides its diversity both in design, and its developers. Drawing from minds and talent found in New York, Boston, Berlin, Zurich and Bangkok, it is a breeding ground of creativity. Their first game, the critically acclaimed Cannon Crasha, was an action-strategy title released for iOS and Android, and was featured as “…a sure-fire winner!” by Apple. Their second game, Planet Diver, was published on Steam and has been nominated for the Indie Prize, Momocon Indie Awards and was bundled in with the IndieBox. Their newest game, Slime-san, has been part of the official Indie Arena selection and is published by Headup Games. They’re also behind a bunch of other exciting prototypes and game jams! More information on Fabraz is available here.


About Black Screen Records

Black Screen Records is a German record label based in Cologne that focuses on high quality vinyl releases of video game soundtracks. Since the launch of Black Screen Records in early 2015 our small team – consisting of passionate gamers, vinyl collectors and music industry professionals – has released the soundtracks to the critically acclaimed indie games Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Velocity 2X, Downwell, Risk of Rain, Pony Island and Dear Esther on vinyl.

The company is cooperating with the leading independent music distributors in the US, UK, EU and Germany and working closely with the best pressing plant and printers in Germany. Furthermore they have an in-house PR team that will take care of promotion and marketing for our releases. Black Screen Records always goes in for quality and tries to develop an individual packaging for each release – they just don’t want to release music on vinyl, they

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