Sekai Project had some new announcements in store for Anime Boston and Sakura Con 2018. These run the gambit from a new action based title to one game being ported to the Nintendo Switch. Let’s see what the night had in store!

First up we have an action title from Studio Shimapan called Mahou Arms!

Mahou Arms, a new project in early development by Studio Shimapan, a team of experienced veterans in the game development world. Lead magical girls into battle, your girls will transform, fight, win, and get their battle uniforms ripped to shreds in the battle against the alien menace! When they return, develop your relationships with the girls and go on dates! With 3 different girls to choose from, each with romance routes and different fighting/play styles. It’s a real-time, third-person hack and slash dating simulator made in Unreal Engine 4. With a focus on combat, this title is inspired by Nier:Automata, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry.

You can find out more information and watch some gameplay over on Studio Shimapan’s Patreon page. This one will be coming to both Steam and Denpasoft.

Next up is Warped Reality by Unwonted Studios, the creators of Catch Canvas and Nobody but You.

What if accomplishing the task you always dreamed of turns into your worst nightmare?

For Kazu, a young technophile struggling to make a living in the corporate-owned future of 2065, that question suddenly becomes reality. All he wanted to create was an entertainment system that proves he has the skills to make it as a cybernetics designer. But his creation, the Virtual Machine, turns out to be more than that – dangerously more.

Hunted by enemies with both the skills and the assets to turn his life upside down, Kazu has to face the criminal underworld, corrupt corporate officials and the suddenly real dangers of virtual worlds designed to weed out the weak. And not only his own life is at stake, but also that of the only person Kazu truly cares about…

There is a demo for this one up on Steam right now! 

Next we have AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol. This title is programmed in Unity. It features some light character animations, panning backgrounds, and of course some Yuri goodness. With writing by ebi-hime and art from Melow this is one you will want to keep an eye on.

Idols are the most popular thing in the media and the rising idol production company Lyriq has a convention to run this weekend. There is only one catch: the virtual idol named Aiko is malfunctioning. There is only one way to fix Aiko, and that is finding the person who programmed her. But it isn’t easy for a sapient computer program to find her creator–that is, without help. That’s where superfan Hana and a ragtag team of convention attendees come in to save the day.

AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol is a visual novel that is programmed in Unity. Features include light character animations, panning backgrounds, and a fun plot with a dash of yuri. With cute art by Melow and wonderful writing by ebi-hime, we hope this will be a visual novel to enjoy.

Look for this one on Steam soon!

Whirlpool has more catgirl goodness in store for us with NEKO-NIN exHeart with NEKO-NIN exHeart 2.

Yuura and Tama are back in the hijinks and shenanigans than you have come to love! Whirlpool is bringing us a continuation of the hit series NEKO-NIN exHeart with NEKO-NIN exHeart 2. With the introduction of new characters such as Ritsu, the newest catgirl to join the fray and Maya the bunny girl who think’s she’s a cat, just don’t tell her she’s not a cat! Get ready for more Ninjas, Cat girls and all the fun that can only come of having girls with animal ears want to serve your every whim!

Coming to both Steam and Denpasoft.

Last but not least  A Magical High-School Girl will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring of 2018! This is Sekai’s first title on the system and a a magic crafting rogue-like RPG is perfect for the Nintendo Switch. 


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