Famitsu has gone live with a preview of the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of the smartphone rhythm game Voez, which is due to release in Japan in March. The Switch port will be handled by Flyhigh Works, with the original game developed by Rayark Inc. The game will release digitally via the eShop for 2,314 yen (or 2,500 yen with tax).There is currently no word on a Western release of the game. With that said, here are the major points form the preview, with a screenshot gallery at the bottom.

  • The screen is spread out into several lanes, with these lanes moving about as well, alowing the game to be visually enjoyed.
  • The player’s score can be built up by swiping, tapping and holding the notes as they overlap the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • The game has a very diverse tracklist, spanning 100+ songs across all genres from Japanese and Taiwanese creators.
  • There are multiple difficulty settings, from Easy to Hard to Special.


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