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Inti Creates have announced that they are re-releasing their ecchi rail shooter, Gal*Gun Double Peace, under the name Gal*Gun Double Peace Bilingual for PS4, PS Vita and PC via DMM in Japan on 23rd February, so next month. As the name implies, this version of the game will contain both English and Japanese subtitles, as well as four additional exclusive costumes. The game will cost 3,800 yen physically on PS4 and PS Vita, and 3,000 yen digitally on all three platforms. Save data from the original PS4 and Vita versions are compatible with these new versions of the game. In order to access the previous saves, save data needs to be uploaded and downloaded from the “Shared Data” option in the main menu.

Gal*Gun Double Peace is now out worldwide for PS4, PS Vita and PC via Steam.


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