Discussion: Let’s Look at the Xenoblade 2 Trailer

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

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Last Thursday, Nintendo Showed us the project Monolith Soft have been working on which turned out to be Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Needless to say, as a big long-time Xeno-fan, I am beyond excited for it. In case you missed it, or want it for reference here it is below:

Now that we have all seen it, let’s talk about it. The first thing I want to bring up is the graphical style. It appears to go for a more cartoon-ey or rather more “Anime” look especially with the eyes invoking memories of the very first Xenosaga game on PS2. It almost seems as if they are doing the reverse of what Xenosaga did as far as the progression in art style. Below are some images to compare the protagonists’ look from both series assuming the young boy we see in the trailer is the main character for Xenoblade 2.

Xenosaga:(This picture was found in a thread from NeoGaf)

Xenoblade | Shion_evolution


Xenoblade_graphical comparison

Of course in the grand scheme of things, this probably won’t matter much but was something I found interesting. Now the game being called Xenoblade 2 raises one big question: Which continuity will this game follow? Will it pick up after X‘s abrupt cliffhanger? Will this take place following the events of the original Xenoblade or will it tie all the games together? As much as I would like to think it will continue the story, we can’t rule out the possibility that the game will only be related in name alone. After all, Satoru Iwata had once said the name change to Xenoblade from Monado: Beginning of the World was done simply to honor executive director Tetsuya Takahashi’s previous works. That is not to say his games don’t have any links or parallels to each other. In fact there is a recurring object or even concept throughout the Xeno-series(except the original Xenoblade) and it is even present in this new trailer. If you are well familiar with Takahashi’s previous work, you may already know what I am referring to. Look at the following screenshot:

Xenoblade 2 | Zohar

That is the shape of the Zohar as it is called in Xenosaga, a monolithic entity that serves as a massive source of energy. This “Thing” would become a major plot device in both Xenogears, Xenosaga and there is even a big homage to it in X.  That green-ish color could also imply relations to ether, yet another recurring theme in these games but its presence here further links it to the Bionis world of the first Xenosaga. Ether is the blood of the Bionis and the human-like species that inhabits it – the Homs. Without ether, they simply would not be able to live and their world would die. In the Xenoblade 2 trailer we see a massive being moving which seems to imply that once again, we are living on a giant colossal living mass except this time it is actually moving and living in real time as opposed to being frozen in place.

Xenoblade 2 | trailer ride

From a gameplay perspective, Xenoblade 2 looks to continue the series tradition of world building and exploration. We were given a taste of how massive the land is and even got a brief look at a village in the air perhaps implying we will be able to fly to these villages! Skell flying in X while amusing, happened very late in the game for you to really take advantage of it story wise and a s a result didn’t feel as satisfying as it could have been. I am hoping that this game expands on flight and lets us take full advantage of it earlier on in the story. It also seems like we will be able to interact with animals as a character is seen riding one of the creatures. This makes me wonder if the combat will now incorporate an additional feature to let you talk to or befriend some of the wildlife you encounter allowing you to settle these “conflicts” in a more peaceful way. The last thing I want to point out is the trailer lists Masunori Mitsuda and ACE as composers among others. This makes me incredibly excited as their works have been among my favorite musical compositions in well anything and this hopefully means that the music in Xenoblade 2 will be in line with the original game! If anyone can make a memorable OST it will be these people, though  New Los Angeles’ night theme from X has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me over time.

Those are just a couple of interesting things I noticed in the Xenoblade 2 trailer. Did any of you find anything interesting in the trailer you feel is worth discussing? Let us know in the comments. Xenoblade 2 is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch and is said to be released in 2017. We do not have a specific release date yet so for now all we can do is speculate and hope that this game delivers an incredible experience like its predecessors.


About Justin Guillou

Justin joined Operation Rainfall after visiting the site numerous times and reading the articles on Xenoblade Chronicles. He enjoys searching for and collecting some of the more obscure video games out there.

  • LisisM

    it looks like the girl in red is the new monado’s Alvis, pretty much like what Fi is to the master sword, on the legend of zelda, thank you for noticing the zohar <3

  • JGuill

    I actually did not touch on this since I wanted to make this piece brief but I noticed that her colors seem eerrily similar to the sword our new hero is wielding. Lets call this Xenoblade 2’s ‘Monado’. This also has that greenish substance that looks like ether. I have a feeling both that woman and the sword are related. Who knows? Maybe this is a Valkyrie Drive-type of situation where she turns into the sword? Now THAT would be something 😀

    • Timeshine

      The thing is both the red hair girl and the blonde oh have very similar attire. They both have the same crown like thing on their head and both have the green Zohar on their chest. If the red girl was the sword it would be weird that the blonde isn’t when they are similar in outfit only one happens to be the same color as the sword.

  • bomblord

    I really couldn’t be more excited for it.

  • Shadowstrike

    This game is why I have my switch’s preordered.

    • Zeonis

      There must be more to it then that since Xenoblade 2 is not a launch title.

    • Shadowstrike

      Nah it really was just Xenoblade.

      Well I guess Zelda to a certain point

    • Zeonis

      I was considering buying a Switch at launch but I was hoping for $249.99 and the only game I really would be buying it for is Zelda since Xenoblade 2 is going to be a while. So I am thinking I will wait… debating though.

    • Shadowstrike

      I wouldn’t blame you for waiting. I don’t see Xenoblade 2 coming in 2017. Winter would probably be solid for everyone on the fence since Mario will be out.

    • Zeonis

      Assuming Mario is not delayed but then again based on what they showed of Mario Odyssey it looked close to completion.

    • madmofo145

      I’m waiting. If we do get Xenoblade this year I’ll definitely grab one, but I’ve got enough of a backlog (and to be released games on the PS4 like Persona 5) to wait a bit.

    • Zeonis

      My backlog is huge. So many games I want to play but no time.

    • Zeonis

      By the way, Xenoblade Chronicles is such an awesome game and I love what I saw of Xenoblade 2. I think it will be a true sequel unlike Xenoblade X which was only a spiritual sequel.

  • Zeonis

    I am going to buy this game day one but I don’t think it will release in 2017.

    • madmofo145

      We will see. It is on the Nintendo of America’s list of 2017 releases, so I’m hopeful.

  • Tyler Trosper

    I’m kind of hoping they are splitting Xenoblade into two series: the original and X. Xenoblade 2 definitely feels more like the original than X did, but I don’t hate X. I want to see what happens next for Mira and its characters. Though it had flaws, a sequel should (hopefully) remedy them.

  • Klagmar

    Not really into the new art style but it’s not very important in the grand scheme of things – this is definitely something I can’t wait for and will be a system seller when it releases.

  • neptuniafan

    I haven’t played Xenoblade Chonicles 1 and X mainly because I did not have much faith in Nintendo consoles. This game really interest me and this game alone gives me a reason to own a Switch.

    But I won’t be buying it on launch date, instead I’ll buy it one the game is released in English. Also I must be wary of their localization method. I hope they don’t censor too much in this game, otherwise I might get the Japanese version and hope for an English translation patch.

  • MusouTensei

    My most anticipated Switch game… well this and Mario are the only ones so far tbh, bu I will buy a Switch for those 2 games, once they are out.