NIS America has detailed a series of patches for the Nintendo Switch version of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA. Owing to a worldwide launch starting June 26th, the JRPG port launched in an incomplete state, including an unfinished translation effort (with examples spotted by Twitter user KiraSSG).

The first of four primary patches for the Switch version of Ys VIII will begin rolling out on June 26th and paced out into July. NIS America says each patch will go through a vigorous round of planning, development, and multiple rounds of testing before they launch.

Patch v1.01 
Short Description: Fixes include adjustment to Nintendo Switch auto-sleep function, incorrect icons displaying, and text refinements. 
Current Status: Ready for Launch 
Actual Live Date: June 26 

Patch v1.02 
Short Description: Addressing crash issues, some aesthetic issues, and text refinements. 
Current Status: Testing Round 2 
Expected Live Date: Launch week 

Patch v1.03 
Short Description: Text refinements. 
Current Status: Testing Round 1 
Expected Live Date: Week after launch 

Patch v1.04 
Short Description: Japanese Voice Implementation and aesthetic refinements during cutscenes. 
Current Status: Testing Round 1 
Expected Live Date: Mid July 2018

Ys VIII launched on PS4 and PS Vita last September, with its PC port delayed into 2018. In tandem, a translation patch for the console version similarly slipped from it’s intended November 2017 launch following the much-criticized original release’s English text. The road to Ys VIII’s translation has been rocky, with NIS America conceding the original release did not meet their expectations and they had to hire a new translator to redo the entire confection of English scripting all over again.

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