It’s really starting to feel like Winter out there, isn’t it? I say that as someone who hasn’t seen one snowflake yet, but who is nevertheless shivering due to the frigid temperature outside. Unlike when I was a child, the snow isn’t a font of happiness and joy, but rather a cold blanket of death to force use all inside in terror. And what do we do once trapped in our houses? Play videogames, of course! The latest Nintendo Download has some games to help keep us snug and comfortable in our beds while we ignore the arctic death outside. There’s some interesting stuff this week, including some questionable Virtual Console releases and a new My Nintendo celebration. Let’s get cracking before my fingers fall off!

Nintendo Download | Animal Crossing Welcome amiibo

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you I’m far from the biggest Animal Crossing fan on staff. Hell, I’ve never even played one of the games, though I can almost see the appeal. That’s mostly due to how cute the Animal Crossing amiibo look. Many a time I’ve been tempted to buy them, despite not owning any game to use them with. Which is good news, since the latest update to New Leaf adds functionality for all the various Animal Crossing amiibo, as well as some other goodies like new activities and expanded interaction.

Nintendo Download | Other M

As for Virtual Console offerings, let’s start with the controversial Metroid game that started the series on a path to destruction. Coming hot off the surprise success of the Metroid Prime series, which somehow managed to make the game work perfectly in first person, Other M decided to play fast and loose with design and left us with a very mixed bag that was sometimes fun but often groan inducing. While I still appreciate the epic boss battle against everyone’s favorite space pterodactyl, the overall plot left me wanting more, even if the combat was enjoyable. But, if you missed Metroid: Other M and are curious how it plays, you should give it a try on your Wii U. They have also released Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on the Wii U, and I can’t really recommend this one at all. There are plenty of better made Fire Emblem offerings available on the 3DS, so I would stick with replaying them. But don’t let that discourage you, since there is one new Virtual Console offering this week I’m incredibly stoked about! None other than the fantastic, pretty much ignored cult classic Demon’s Crest is now ready to play on your 3DS! I cannot stress enough how great this game was, and strongly encourage every one of you to give it a chance. It’s one thing if you haven’t played it yet cause you don’t own a Wii U, but now there’s no excuse, since everyone with a 3DS can get this gothic masterpiece. Go on, I’ll wait while you download it…

Nintendo Download | Demon's Crest
This is what a forgotten classic looks like…

As far as sales this week, there are a few noteworthy ones. Firstly, Parascientific Escape Cruise in the Distant Seas is discounted to $3.99. Despite having a tongue tying name, it looks like a fun little adventure. Next, the great Nano Assault Neo is discounted to $7.49, and it’s a Shmup every 3DS owner should try out. Last but not least, The Keep is discounted to $7.99. It looks like an old school dungeon crawler with 3D graphics, and I admit I am intrigued by it.

Nintendo Download | The Keep

Also happening this week is My Nintendo is celebrating The Legend of Zelda. What this means is there are a bunch of nifty Zelda themed rewards for you to win, such as discounts for A Link to the Past and Skyward Sword, music videos and even nifty Themes like the one I got for my 3DS! Speaking of Themes, there are also some new Disney based ones you can check out. And finally, there is a new game (or new to Nintendo consoles) called Teslapunk available. It’s a grungy and dark looking Shmup that looks kind of rad.

Nintendo Download | Teslapunk

That’s it for this week! Tune in next time to oprainfall for the latest Nintendo Download goodies.

Josh Speer
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