Fire emblem Fates Camilla

Fire Embelm Fates Camilla

A 1/7th scale figure of your big sister from Nohr has been announced. The Camilla figure which comes from Good Smile Company will be released during the Fall of next year. Here’s a description from Play-Asia’s site for the overly loving sibling:

“You could invite me over as many times as you like, I’ll always be here for you!” 

“Even with the popularity of the Fire Emblem game series, their characters rarely get the chance to see the real world in a figurine form, less say a good sized 1/7th scale figure! After a long wait since Cordelia from Fire Emblem Awakening, fans finally get to take the big sis home from Fire Emblem Fates home! Releasing in September 2017, 1/7th scale Camilla will watch over you and protect you from any harm!

Born into the Nohrian royal family, Camilla is notable for being a mature protective older sister to her younger siblings. The maternal role she plays in Avatar’s life is so excessive that sometimes you would forget Camilla is an older sister. This figure perfectly captures Camilla’s personality with the elegant appearance while portraying her sexy side as well. The “Silver Axe” that Camilla holds is based on the original designs of the game. The figure is finished with the magnificent marble pillar she is standing on as a base that brings out the atmosphere of the game into our reality.

Camilla is sculpted by Hiro who is highly acclaimed for his work as an artisan of figures. Good Smile Company made it known that from the beginning of the planning stages to the final paintwork, this figure has been closely supervised by Fire Emblem Fates’ development team to make Camilla the centerpiece of any fan’s collection that they cannot live without. Be sure to place Camilla into your party to make sure you will always have someone to support you no matter what!”

Fire Emblem Camilla

Fire emblem Camilla

Fire emblem Camilla

Fire Emblem Fates Camilla

The figure will be released next year. It’s available on sites such as Play-Asia and Right Stuf.

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