The anime adaption of Chaos;Child has finally been given an air date. It is set to debut on January 11. The voice cast from the game will be providing the voices for the anime. Also Kanako Itou who has done the opening themes for other shows with semi colons in the title (Steins;Gate, Occultic;Nine, etc.) will be producing the opening. If you’re not familiar with the series here’s a description of it:

“In the psycho-suspense story, after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake hits Tokyo’s Shibuya ward on November 6, 2009, a black fire spreads and causes mass panic on the day of the earthquake. The sudden disaster that becomes known as the “Shibuya Earthquake” kills 3,851 people and injures 30,927 more. The game is set in a reconstructed Shibuya district in October 2015. A string of mysterious deaths occurs in Shibuya amidst the reconstruction. People begin to take notice as the strange events start on the same day that chaos broke out in Shibuya with a certain incident five years earlier. The events are called the “Return of the New Generation Madness.”

In other news regarding the series, there is rumor that Chaos;Child on the Vita and PlayStation 4 could be coming West.


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