Idea Factory International have announced at their press conference that Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds will also be coming westward for the PS Vita in Spring 2017 for both North America and Europe. This title is a remake of the very first Hakuoki title, with four of them having official English releases on the PS3, PSP and the Nintendo 3DS. The PS Vita remake adds new content including characters and love interests. There is currently no mention of whether the game will be getting a physical release in either territory. Here is the decription via the game’s official website.

What is Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds?

A remastered telling of the beloved Hakuoki series that focuses on the story set in Kyoto.

Hakuoki was first developed and released in 2008. New players, as well as players that have grown with the franchise, can discover the beauty and richness of its story with new, innovative features on the PlayStation Vita system.

Never-before-seen episodes and character routes have been added to the original version of the game, introducing more romanceable targets, nnew minor characters, and plenty of new paths to seek for oyurself!

Take a glimpse into the world of Hakuoki, as it was originally intended!

And additionally, there has been a trailer introducing you to the game’s setting and characters.

You can check out the game’s website here. As soembody whom has been wanting to get into the Hakuoki series for some time, this announcement has been a pleasant surprise.

Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds will be releasing in North America and Europe in Spring 2017.


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