Play-Asia has announced that Vol. 3 of the Chibi Final Fantasy XIV Minion Figures are now available for pre-order, including Thancred, Krile and Titan.

Full details about the figures can be found at Play-Asia, linked in the press release below:

Chibi Final Fantasy XIV Minion Figure Vol.3: Thancred, Krile, and Titan!

 Final Fantasy XIV Chibi Figures V3


Pre-order Deadline: November 14 | Release: March 2017

Hello again, Warriors of Light! I hope you’re all enjoying the new latest patch as much as we have. Although I (the lalafell writing this article) fell off the platform to my death more times than I should have on the new Sophia Extreme primal fight, I am still alive to tell you all that the Taito has finally announced the Volume 3 of their Final Fantasy XIV Minion Figures! Releasing in March 2017, Thancred, Krile, and and Titan will join the family as well!

Made to look like the minions made after a certain character in the game, the real life chibi minion figures sit on your desk while you’re spending time inside of Eorzea! Even while I’m writing this, the vol.1 of the minion figures (Y’shtola, Alphinaud, and Ifrit) are glaring at me and making sure I don’t slack off from bringing the news to all Eorzeans out there! As always, we don’t have pictures of the final product yet so this is only a preview. But as we all know, they’ll be awesome as always coming from TAITO!

While I’m surprised they release the minion figure of Krile so soon after her introduction, it makes me wonder if we’ll perhaps finally get Yda or Papalymo next time? Or maybe they’ll surprise us with characters such as Alisaie? It’ll be hard to tell but we have a feeling that the next primal would be Leviathan. We could be wrong, but who knows! Stay tuned and subscribe to for the next announcement most likely in January! #lalafelllivesmatter

Final Fantasy XIV Choco Chocobo plush


Release: January 2017

Oh yeah, before I forget, please adopt this huge sized 23cm Choco Chocobo plushie because I’m pretty sure he’s lost but still haven’t gotten out of his shell or something!

Maybe he’ll turn into the greatest chocobo ever to win all your races!

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