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PQube has confirmed that their cute, action adventure, Kitaria Fables, is coming to Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5 sometime this year. Furthermore, Twin Peaks and PQube together are showing the first details on the game’s farming and crafting mechanics in Paw Village. This is the home of the heroes of this story. They will travel to many other areas in their battle against a mysterious force that seeks to disrupt their peaceful world!


Beyond the borders of the village, the wildlife becomes increasingly hostile towards anyone who ventures out. As such, someone needs to defend the residents and get to the bottom of what is going on as darkness rises. That someone is you. Don’t forget to stock up at Kiki’s market stall before you head out into the wilderness, though! Plenty of battle and treasures await you out there in the land of Canoidera. That means you’d also be wise to pay a visit to Shamrock the blacksmith to craft weapons, armor, and magic spells.

You’ll need to visit your neighbors and do mini quests to help them around the village. The more you bond with your friends, the greater rewards you will get. You’ll also need to check your crops regularly, harvest them, and buy new seeds. Below are screenshots from the press release showing off life around the village, and the mechanics mentioned above:



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