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GameStop Figures Sales

max factory link figma 1

GameStop is up to their random figure sales again. After seeing a tweet from @videogamedeals showing the Link Nendoroid for $15, I decided to check out what else is on sale to make a list. Eventually I decided to focus on three companies: Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya, and Play Arts. Here are the results.

Good Smile Company:

GameStop has eight items related to this company, including this one they forgot to label as such, all Nendoroids and Figma. Half of what they have is either extremely difficult to find in your local store or just plain sold out. The other half is Link from The Legend of Zelda series. Two of those are going to join the sold out club real soon:

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Link Nendoroid Figure – $14.97 UPDATE: In story only now.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Link Figma – $24.97 UPDATE: Currently sold out.

I promise you, neither of this is going to last long once people catch wind. If it sells out online, go store hunting before it’s too late.

Play Arts:

For those unaware, Play Arts are figures that can be posed made by Square Enix. Though initially created for their own characters, in 2009 they established the “Play Arts Kai” brand to work licensing deals with other companies (e.g., Capcom, Marvel) too. The figures are notorious for varying in quality with some coming off with a good premium look and feel and others as complete duds, resulting in some people avoiding them like the plague and others loving them for getting great figures for cheap. GameStop has 17 of them on sale, including in-store only and sold out ones. At the time of this writing, six under $60 remain available online, two even under $30. For the best idea of the specific figure I’d check a few video reviews of them first and decide after. For a quick tip of those who don’t want to: Hawkman’s figure looks great with reasonably good quality in its build. Black Widow’s another figure made that’s cheap not because of any quality issue but popularity. Darkseid’s got a great look but does seem to be missing some plastic on his chest, which can be off-putting to some.

DC Comics: Darkseid Play Arts Kai Variant Figure – $29.97

Marvel Universe Black Widow Play Arts Kai Action Figure – $29.97

DC Comics: Hawkman Play Arts Kai Variant Figure – $39.97

Batman Arkham Knight: Harley Quinn Play Arts Kai Figure – $39.97

Marvel Iron Man Play Arts Kai Variant Figure – $49.97


Well known for having high quality figures, Kotobukiya dabbles in all kinds of media. GameStop sells some of their video game figures (Batman, Halo, Tekken) as well as others they see with an overlapping fan base, such as Star Wars. 13 items are sale, 8 of which are available online. Of those, four are under $40:

DC Comics Batman Arkham City ArtFX+ Statue – $24.97

Star Wars Episode VII First Order Stormtrooper Two Pack ArtFX+ Statue – $24.97

Halo Mjolnir Mark V & Mark VI DX ArtFX+ 2 Pack – $29.97

Halo Spartan Athlon ArtFX+ Statue – $39.97

Star Wars Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia ArtFX+ Statue – $39.97

If you’re interested in any of the figures posted under $30, my advice is for you to buy first, think later. If they sell out, check your local stores as many should still have them available. None of them, especially the Link Figma and Link Nendoroid, will be at these prices for long. Finally, should you order more than $24.99 worth of stuff on in-stock items you can also use coupon code SAVER to get free ground shipping on your order.

PC Game Sales

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen cover art

Though Steam is the largest storefront for digital sales the field is highly competitive and deal hunters always look for the best they can get. Most stores go with the usual trio: Steam for most, Origin for EA, and Uplay for Ubisoft. For the below games, it’s all Steam. Three places are offering some major sales: Green Man Gaming (GMG), IndieGala, and Nuuvem.

Green Man Gaming (GMG)

green man gaming featured

GMG is the best known of the three, having been around for years as a place that would sometimes undercut Steam’s pricing via promotional codes. Though they got into a fight with CD Projekt RED last year, the storefront has been very good to their consumers and it’s continued chugging along as one of the major places to buy games. During certain Steam sales they’ve been known to undercut them through the usage of promotional codes but this time you don’t need one:

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is $11.99 for anyone with a GMG account until Friday.

Even if you own the PS3 or 360 version it’s well worth double dipping for its improvements alone. On consoles the game would struggle doing 30 FPS at 720p, on a moderately powered PC (GTX 750 Ti or better) the game will do 60 FPS at 1080p with some minor settings tweaks. If you’ve got better hardware you can push it further still: FPS is capped at 150 and 4K resolution is possible. Finally, the PC version contains almost all the content released for it, only missing weapons/armors related to Berserk due to licensing issues. Dragon’s Dogma may be the highlight of the sale but if you’re interested in what else they got, here’s the full list of the VIP games on sale.


blazeblue featured

Initially a Brazilian storefront, Nuuvem became known for selling games that were technically cheaper due to the different currency values. They cracked down on this in 2015 by establishing region locks via PayPal, blocking foreign cards and making it considerably more difficult to buy for those outside South America. Still aware of their international footprint, they created their own storefront for the US market, pricing games at the usual USD prices. Some stopped using it entirely after that but sometimes even the US site can pull a good sale, like today.

At the moment one of those good sales would be on releases by H2 Interactive, better known as “the publishers of many Arc System Works” games on PC.  Nine games are on sale (UPDATE: 6 games are now on sale) until October 22nd, 11:59PM Central Time. Just mind that if you’ve hoarded bundle and haven’t kept track of all your keys, you might have Raiden IV: Overkill as it was in IndieGala’s Raving Aces Bundle back in July and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger has been in multiple bundles before. For Guilty Gear fans, Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator still has not been announced for PC yet and the only rumor of its release would date it to an unknown date in 2017. Finally, if the price you see on the site is the regular, non-sale price, one of two things is going on: 1) They ran out of keys and are getting more, or 2) They only had a limited number of keys and ran out. Either way, the sale would be off-limits at that point so just sit back and wait for the next.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger – $1.60

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend – $3.99

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend – $11.99


Raiden III Digital Edition – $1.60

Raiden IV: Overkill – $2.99

River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~ – $3.99

Indie Gala

Xenosaga HD Rumour - Bandai Namco

Though Humble Bundle is the de facto leader of the “game bundles” world, lesser known ones offering high quality still exist. Most did gradually collapse in the race to the bottom, focusing on just having a bunch of games over having good games, gradually becoming a niche of its own. Others, like Indie Gala, managed to grow a bit and become storefronts of their own, small at first but gradually with a bigger base as the “game bundle” bait worked. Though not every bundle’s a hit, it’s not too uncommon to find one that you’ll like over a month, essentially making them, Bundle Stars, and Humble Bundle the main trio to watch.

Recently Indie Gala gained the ability to sell games by Bandai Namco. Though the page to that specific sale is broken, the deals can be seen at their store.  Though most sales prices aren’t new, some are still good without much further to go and others you may have just missed from a recent Humble Bundle sale, like GOD EATER 2 and DARK SOULS II. Here’s a few of their main offerings, all ending Monday, October 24th, at 11:59 PM:

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition – $4.99

GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst Special Edition – $33.49

DARK SOULS: Prepare To Die Edition – $4.99

DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin – $9.99

DARK SOULS III Endless Bundle (Dark Souls III, Endless Legend) – $38.99

DARK SOULS III Deluxe Edition Endless Bundle (Dark Souls III, Dark Souls III Season Pass, Endless Legend) – $59.48

The last two needs a bit of explanation because the wording’s confusing. Anybody who buys Dark Souls III or Dark Souls III: Deluxe will get Endless Legend for free as a separate key. It’s an odd offering since 4X strategy games are a significantly different genre but if you aren’t interested, you can try to find someone to sell it to. Just last week it was at its lowest price ever $7.49 on Steam so maybe somebody will bite it at that price or a bit less.

There’s an additional offer Indie Gala has where any purchase over $3 will get you 35MM, a story-based game with minimal combat about a post-apocalyptic world. I wouldn’t put my purchasing decision based on that as the Steam user reviews say it’s hit or miss. But hey, it’s free.

Finally, rounding out in the games with a freebie we have GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst Special Edition. The release is the one that comes with the first game, GOD EATER: RESURRECTION, for free, meaning you’d get both games for the price of one along with 35MM. 

That’ll be all for your midweek fun! If you’ve got anything in mind, just write in the comments and I’ll keep an eye out.

(Full Disclosure: the GameStop links above are affiliate links, meaning we get a fraction of money spent on your purchase, which is used to pay our server fees.)

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