degica games sale

Why is it that sales always seem to crop up when I’m trying to save money? It’s like the forces of the universe conspire to make all us gamers broke, which is frustrating. What softens the blow is that sales let us pick up outstanding games at a reasonable price. So, if you play on Steam and like Degica, you’re in luck! There is a huge Weekend Sale happening on Steam starting today, and there are 70 games on sale. I won’t list all of them, but I will list what I think are the best available. You can also check out the link to the full list at the bottom.

Back in 1995 is 50% off for $5.99
Blade Arcus from Shining: Battle Arena is 35% off for $19.49
Copy Kitty is 10% off for $8.99
Crimson Clover World Ignition is 80% off for $2.00
Crimson Room Decade is 50% off for $4.99
Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours is 50% off for $24.99
Deathsmiles is 50% off for $9.99
Deltazeal is 50% off for $5.99
DoDonPachi Resurrection is 15% off for $25.49
Eschatos is 50% off for $7.49
Eternal Destiny is 40% off for $5.99
Exzeal is 30% off for $8.39
Koihime Enbu is 50% off for $19.99
Manga Maker Comipo is 80% off for $9.99
Mushihimesama is 66% off for $6.79
Muv-Luv is 20% off for $27.99
Nurse Love Addiction is 30% off for $27.99
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is 80% off for $2.39
Pharaoh Rebirth+ is 50% off for $4.99
The Princess’ Heart is 60% off for $1.99
RefRain – prism memories – is 25% off for $11.24
RPG Maker MV is 50% off for $39.99
Shmups Skill Test is 20% off for $3.99
Skyborn is 80% off for $2.99
Trizeal Remix is 30% off for $8.39
Umihara Kawase Trilogy is 60% off for $11.99
Whisper of a Rose is 80% off for $1.99
Xiizeal is 50% off for $5.99


Josh Speer
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