Idea Factory International’s monster rubbing, dungeon crawler Moero Chronicle Hyper is out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This version has been updated slightly from the Vita version to include new stat boosting items, HD graphics and even some rumble when you’re spending some quality time with the girls! The game retails for $19.99, but if you snag it up this week you will get a 30% discount making it only $13.99. European customers will have to wait a bit to get the 30% off due some technical issues.

Here’s a link to game on the North American eShop.

Some screens from Moero Chronicle Hyper :

The Switch release will be remastered in HD and will also include:

  • Vibration Function – Added for the “Bumping Scratch” session
  • New Items – Stat-boosting items for your party
  • Autopilot Mode – Allows players to pick a coordinate on the dungeon map and automatically head toward that direction
  • ALL Original Art and Event CGs – Originally released on the PlayStation®Vita and Steam® versions, the Nintendo Switch release will also include all original art and event CGs

In celebration of the release, we also have a brand new launch trailer that provides an overview of the game, as well as different systems:

  • Fight Monster Girls – With up to 50 possible Monster Girls to join your party, every player is destined to have a favorite. Before they join your party, Io must break off their clothing and use elemental attacks to find their weaknesses. Once their clothes are removed, players can utilize the Bumping Scratch feature to purify the Monster Girls.
  • Autopilot Mode – As an added bonus to the Nintendo Switch release, the game now includes Autopilot Mode, which helps Io grind through Monstopia dungeons with ease!
  • Over-The-Top Monster Designs – The character designs of the H Monsters in Monstopia are downright silly, but oddly charming! Befriend H Monsters and have them join your squad and form a Pet Pact with the Monster Girls!
  • Bumping Scratch – Bring Monster Girls to their senses with the “Bumping Scratch” feature. Touch, rub, poke, or pick a Monster Girl’s weakness until they’re completely purified!
  • Gift Giving – Gift giving brings Monster Girls plenty of joy! Build relationships with the Monster Girls to increase their powers and also unlock special CGs!
  • Upgrade Monster Girl Rooms – Upgrade a Monster Girl’s room for a stronger bond and also additional stat boosts!
  • Egg System – Players can combine panties and H Monsters to your favorite Monster Girls to produce an egg that may contain new equipment, items, and even rare panties that can grant your Monster Girls a new job!
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