Berserk | Next Arc Illustration

After the latest episode of Berserk, it was announced that the show would return for a new arc in Spring 2017. The first arc of the TV series aired for 12 episodes and recently concluded. You can check out the announcement that played after the episode below.

The Berserk TV anime is produced by GEMBA, Millepensee and Liden Films. It was directed by Shin Itagaki and Kentaro Miura served as the executive supervisor. The music was composed by Shirou Sagisu who composed the music for the The Golden Age Arc films. Makoto Fukami and Takashi Yamashita are in charge of the script composition. Hisashi Abe designs the characters for the show. The voice cast from the films return to reprise their roles for the TV series.

Berserk is a manga series written by Kentaro Miura. It’s been adapted into numerous forms of media including two TV anime series, an animated film trilogy, and three different video games. The latest TV anime currently has 12 episodes released and is set to continue in Spring 2017. The series was streamed by Crunchyroll in North America as it aired in Japan. The upcoming video game is being developed by Omega Force and will incorporate elements from their Dynasty Warriors series of games.

Are you ready to continue watching this series next Spring?


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