When you think about what games are coming out in 2013, what comes to mind? For those who care, I have made a top 5 list that will cover my personal most anticipated games of 2013. Included in this list will also be description for why I am drooling over playing these specific games. We have covered most of the games and some of them may well even be on my colleagues lists. Because of this I am going to refrain from giving you specific game details and I will give you a glimpse into how I found out about the games and my reaction to each game.

1. Dragons Crown

During a conversation with my husband I had asked him if any Diablo-ish games were going to be coming out next year. He mentioned throughout the conversation a game called Dragons Crown. After hearing about the game I decided to check it out. Since I enjoy these types of games, when I saw the trailer for Dragons Crown my interest was peaked. Looking at the trailers and images of the game I can tell I will thoroughly enjoy the style behind Dragons Crown.

2.  The Last of Us

Unlike the rest of the world, who had already heard about and was waiting for The Last of Us, I found out about the game, oddly enough, at the Video Game Awards. I saw a trailer for the game and it looked pretty darn good. Good enough to make me look into it. My video game collection is eclectic to say the least. While this might not be the typical game that people would think of me playing, it is something I am very interested in.

3. Ni no Kuni

Ni no Kuni is a game I heard about while researching video games to write articles on this site. When I saw the first trailer for this game I was instantly hooked and thankful that I own a PlayStation 3. The trailer shows a beautiful world and a variety of characters scattered throughout the world. At my base it is games like Ni no Kuni that I enjoy the most. Games like this i can cuddle up with and totally delve into. I can leave my world and enter this world that was created for me. I get problems to solve and I can see the efforts of my work throughout the game.

4. Tales of  Innocence and Tales of Hearts R

Ahh, the Tales Series. Tales of Innocence and Tales of Hearts R are both JRPG’s that make me drool. I have read a lot about both of these games, for articles I have written around here. I was familiar with the Tales series before I began writing for OpRainfall but I did not know a lot about these two titles. I know that these aren’t announced for a North American release but that does not mean that I can’t drool over them and wish to be able to play them.

Tales of Heart R logo

5. Tomb Raider

I tried a Tomb Raider game many many years ago and, to be honest, I sucked. Ha! Well, I did. I have yet to pick up another Tomb Raider game since this has happened. I don’t often find a game that i just simply suck at. I have found games that I don’t like and that I did not really want to play but not so much with the games I just suck at. I am going to give the new game a try now that my gaming skills have increased a hundred fold. I am hoping that in trying this game out it will give me a new found love for the series so that I might be able to go back and play the older ones.

There you have it, Crystals top 5 games of 2013. I hope you enjoyed reading about the games I am looking forward to and a small glimpse into how I found out about each game. I hope you have your lists of games your looking forward to and get to play each and every one of them!

Crystal Colwell
What's up everyone? Crystal here! I spend my time writing up the news for you all and keeping us all up to date with incoming game info from Japan. I do a little bit of everything else around here, too. :) Happy Reading!