PREVIEW: Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors

Friday, September 9th, 2016

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Criminal Girls 2 | oprainfall
After much controversy and some editing, the release of Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is drawing near. I have been playing the game for review and I thought it would be nice to give everyone a little preview of what to expect from this one. I will talking about the first two levels in the game only, and I have put about seven hours into this so far.

Those who played the first game will start off in familiar territory as, once again, you are tasked with reforming a group of “Delinquents.” These girls have met an untimely demise before actually committing their crimes and were sent to the Hell Spire for “Reformation.” It is your job as the instructor to guide these girls through the many trials that await them on the way to the top of the spire. There is one little issue, though, there were only supposed be six “Delinquents.” However, there are seven girls present. Is one of these girls really a Convict?

Criminal Girls 2 | Adult Wrestling

I haven’t learned a whole lot about the girls’ pasts yet, but each of them has distinct personality quirks. Shinoa is your classic honor student. Always smiling and willing to trust in her instructor, however, I feel there is a secret behind that smile. Lily is very much a spoiled princess character and very tsundere. She comes off as very harsh and caring, though that is likely not true. Kuroe is very shy and withdrawn, only speaking with instructor via her doll Baron. She is very intelligent and did a ton of studying when she was alive. Mizuki is the resident ball of energy. However, she lacks confidence in herself and feels she is useless. I think of all the girls I felt the most empathy for her, cause I’ve been there myself. Sui is probably my favorite so far. She is very straightforward and proper when she speaks, but it’s hilarious to see her get flustered. Yurine is very flaky, and she seems to be pretty self-centered, as well. I’ve not really formed an opinion about her just yet, but I’m interested to see what lead her here. Tsukasa is the caring pervert of the group. She is always teasing the instructor and others in various ways. The crazy thing is she is the most over-the-top in some ways, but also the most level-headed girl of the group.

Criminal Girls 2 | Combat
The combat is virtually the same as the last game. The girls will be given random commands they use each round to attack enemies in a turn based fashion. You will use Motivation to grant them new skills and abilities to use during combat, though some of the special bond moves will be found in the treasure chests. There are some new additions to the combat system, the new Coaching and S & M system. Coaching will allow you to scold or praise the girls during combat giving them various bonuses depending on if they have an S or M affinity. This affinity is determined by which skills you choose to teach the girls during motivation. You can freely change out these moves during the game. Overall this combat engine is solid and a lot of fun.

Criminal Girls 2 | Slime

Now let’s talk about the part of the game that has drawn the most attention, the Motivation Mini Games. So far, I have only unlocked three of these – Scrubbing, Spanking, and Smile Throwing. These progress in level as you gain experience by completing each. The Player will have to tilt the Vita on its side at times, since the camera angles change after completing certain levels of each mini game. You can play these with buttons and thumb sticks instead of the touch screen, but I felt they were a lot harder to play this way. So far, as edits to artwork go, the thing you will notice the most is all the bonds have been removed. I think it is a shame NISA had to remove these due to rating boards. This costs the game a bit of what makes it unique to begin with, but this is not a deal breaker.

The only other notable edits I’ve noticed are Mizuki and Kuroe have been given little tube tops in certain scenes. You can tell NISA took time to make sure the redrawn art was up to same quality as the original art. This is much better than what looked like pink clouds drawn via MS Paint found in the last game. The audio being removed from the mini game is really the worst part of the editing that has taken place. Just like in the last game, it just seems odd there is no audio coming from the girls while the motivation is taking place. This really breaks the immersion in the game, which is a shame when the rest of this is so well made.

That last bit may sound a bit harsh, but so far I am enjoying my time with Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors. All of the girls are very interesting and I am looking forward to learning more about each one. I think this story is going to end up being one wild ride in the end. The game releases in Europe on September 22 and in North America on October 11.

About Steve Baltimore

Steve started with oprainfall not long after the campaign moved from the IGN forums to Facebook. Ever since, he has been fighting to give all non-mainstream RPGs a fair voice. As the site admin, he will continue to do this and even show there is value in what some would deem "pure ecchi." He loves niche games and anime more than anything... well, except maybe Neptune.

  • Panpopo

    Note that game is up on pre-order for GameStop now, for those in the states!

  • Mr0303

    I really enjoyed the first game and the second one seems similar, but unfortunately I will not be supporting it due to the insane censorship.

  • Minuteworld92

    For a site that’s against censorship, you sure give censored games a pass.

    Not sure how you can have unbiased reporting when one of your writers is a frequent user on the forum.

    • grgspunk

      Co-option in progress, I presume?

    • Mr0303

      That’s a bit of a stretch. Him posting on their forum doesn’t mean he’s on NISA’s payroll.

    • Minuteworld92

      I’m not saying he/she’s on their payroll, I’m saying that a writer that writes for an anti censorship site that goes to a forum of a game publisher that is known for censoring and butchering their products and has over 200 posts in that forum and he/she was in the very thread damage controlling for the censorship and replied and did some apologetics to a nisa employee…

      It’s kinda hard to say that the preview written by that he/she for a game by them wouldn’t be biased just a bit.

    • Mr0303

      This is not an anti censorship site – it’s a niche games site. NISA is publishing quite a few niche games, so it would make sense for him to be on the forum so that he can obtain information.

      I’d hardly say that a single post saying that the girls weren’t covered from head to toe, which is true, and then accurately describing the censorship is proof that he is biased towards NISA or this game.

      Having followed OP Rainfall for a while now Steve is one of the most anti censorship guys on here.

    • Steve Baltimore

      That’s correct we’re a niche site, secondly I don’t think I gave them a pass at all. I said plainly by them editing of the art it takes away what makes the series unique and the audio removal is plain bad.

    • Alistair

      Hello steve, i think this will be my 2nd post here in this site.

      The fact is OAG Another niche games site & anti-censorship same with niche gamer & not forgetting lewd gamer for its well strong hentai stuff.

      The point is OAG has posted a article that over a half of content was alter that the same amount of what monpiece had done by IFI.

      But you know you say it the same the game need to be censored because of the rating boards and which boards you talking about.

      NISA Went bent over backwards to censored the game for a lower rating PEGI-16 If that doesn’t tell you the game heavy censored i do not know what will. Despite all that heavy handed edits USK Refuse the game a rating outright.

      Having seeing that PEGI-16 Doesn’t give me hype up just the opposite a Big turn off, and All of this NISA lied they self censored, way before USK Said No way.

      Pegi wont ask for cuts too.

      Edit: On a different topic im quite gutted and angry that moe crystal not getting English subtitles that was promise by sony Asia.

    • Steve Baltimore

      I don’t know if NISA was specific in which board said what, but I’m going off the statements they have made about the edits that were made.

      Honestly I wish they would have submitted the game to see what rating they would have received rather than making cuts based off the assumption they would’ve gotten an AO

    • Alistair

      Yes i do know what ESRB Can give any game that elusive AO

      But the thing is would it gotten a AO and suppose it did there NISA Online store. Speaking of stores did you know gamestop are not allowing ecchi titles that have M ratings.

      I thought that would be for games with AO rating. and now gamestop doing that with M rating games to make way for western games.

      We are in a different ball game the AO Doesn’t cut it no more.

    • Steve Baltimore

      GameStop not having Gal*Gun could be because it is ecchi, but they don’t carry any of PQubed other titles either.

    • Alistair

      Yes that the one but the thing was given by posters is AO Won’t make any store sell it even gamestop but gal gun isn’t a AO its M rating and even lower PEGI-16 here in UK & EU.

      So that point with AO is now mooted.

    • Steve Baltimore

      The problem is unless Sony has changed their policy they do not allow AO content to be published on their consoles.

    • Alistair

      But there isn’t a example yet i know off that sony would slap a ban on any game with a AO because its Rare and they Couldn’t stop hard copies via NISA online store digital downloads yes.

      Germany and Australia a good example of that those region people could just simply import the games.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Manhunt 2 was censored on consoles because Sony will not allow a game to be published on them with an AO rating.

    • Alistair

      Yes very Rare it was banned here in UK under BBFC But times has change.

      But you know what monpiece is just around that corner on Steam and PC are not legal by force to have any rating.

      But the test is what will be monpiece rating if any it was also censored with a M rating, PEGI-12.

      Since the game is coming uncensored the thing was Ask would monpiece get a AO if not censored.

      And the devil avacate is what if ESRB give it a M that be sure funny. But you know PEGI Could give it a 16 lol.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Steam allows unrated games to be published on the platform so the ESRB or any other rating board is not an issue there.

    • Alistair

      Yes a non issue if IFI Didn’t ask for a rating for steam but the issue will be if ESRB or PEGI give it a rating.

      Meaning if the game monpiece did get a AO then IFI was right but M Then they goofed big time by self censored themselves.

      Beside you got a release date yet from IFI when it be out.

    • Steve Baltimore

      They are doing beta testing, but a release date hasn’t been set yet.

    • Xekus

      Gamestop do have Gal*Gun in my country, including any other uncensored ecchi game coming out, for example Valkyrie Drive.

    • Steve Baltimore

      They do, but here in the US GameStop doesn’t carry any PQubed published products.

    • Jesse

      NISA doesn’t butcher their games, ffs. All the important parts in the first CG, the story, character backstories and battle gameplay are unchanged, and good, btw.


    • Miqubi

      Mugen Souls and Mugen Souls Z ar still hemorrhaging to my knowledge

    • Cael

      >NISA doesn’t butcher their games, ffs.
      oh, wow.

    • I can’t help wonder what his definition of censorship is if removing content isn’t (apparently)…

    • Steve Baltimore

      I can define it for you if you would like. I could’ve have used the word cenorship in this piece if would’ve made you sleep better at night to have your trigger word used. I think I made very clear that lots of edits were made and to what extent they reached based on what I’ve seen so far.

    • That didn’t answer anything…

    • Steve Baltimore

      It is censorship, they toned this product. I fully explained what has been changed.

    • I never said it wasn’t.

      I’m curious to what Jesse’s classification of censorship is if taking things out or editing them isn’t censorship.

    • Steve Baltimore

      If you edit something to tone down it’s still censorship. I fully explain what changes I’ve seen here. You guys are drawing at straws.

    • Maybe I’m not elucidating my point as well as I should…

    • Steve Baltimore

      Like when you see a movie on TV it says “This movie has been edited from its original presentation due to X content”

      It doesn’t say this movie has been censored because of this content.

    • Figuratively Shaking

      I realize that I’m replying to an argument that is exclusively based on miscomprehension and doesn’t really actually exist, but I think there’s a notable difference between mediums there. There are very few people who would ever say a TV or radio edit are uncensored. They know what edit means in that context. There are more than enough people actively claiming that video games edited in this manner are however. Edit doesn’t invoke that in people’s minds with video games, especially with localizations. Editing, even for content, is just one of those things that have to happen and surely they only changed what they had to.

      I’m not claiming you’re defending NISA or anything, but I do think there’s enough depth to the word choice that just brushing it off as someone needing to see their “trigger word” is more than a bit childish. There is a reason no one marketing for the game would ever use censored as a replacement for edited despite your claim that the latter invokes the former inherently anyway.

    • Steve Baltimore

      I brushed it off cause it is nonsense. If I were not taking the edits or ” censorship” into account I wouldn’t have mentioned in the article at all.

    • Figuratively Shaking

      I’m not sure what you’re saying is nonsense. You’ve invented an argument by not reading Jigsy’s post and assumed everyone knows what you’re talking about.

      All I’ve said is that censored and edited do not necessarily invoke the same meaning when applied to video games just because they do when applied to other media.

      You’re either skimming too hard or assuming intent and ignoring what things actually say because of it, but either way you should slow down and read what people post.

    • Steve Baltimore

      When you edit something your usually removing something from it for whatever reason,, when your censoring something your doing the same thing. I never realized there was a difference between the two to be 100% honest.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Using the word “censorship” has negative connotations in the gaming community, especially with the hardcore niche like the people in this comments section, and I’d wager using the word censorship can be seen as being biased. “Edits” dosen’t have as many negative connotations and may encourage the more casual people to engage in the debate as there is no obvious bias, at least from the title or first few sentences. It’s all about social constructs 🙂

    • Alistair

      I do see that edits and censorship as one, censorship is not limited to removing of content, but other factors as well.

      Anything that waterdown from the original copy is censorship by adding more clothing as a “edit” take away the audio as a “removal” i seen censorship in other games that it not sexual themes getting butcher.

      Dungeon travellers 2 is so minor edit of just 4 cards still censorship i have to accept that i just get the japan import not for the story, as i cant read moonrunes.

      But the whole mess can be easily involved if devs says censored and not edit but the word censored is a scary word so they say edit.

      If you put censored on the box would people buy it, the word edit is a dress up word of censored.

      Everybody knows what edits mean monmon had edits done by removing not cards just artwork they could redraw the high level card.

    • Darth_Squirrel

      No offense, but that response really makes you sound like a jerk

    • razisgosu

      Facts leaving you speechless?

    • Minuteworld92


    • You’re not even trying are you?

    • Steve Baltimore

      You should really read all the post I’ve left on that forum, a lot of them are critical of things they have done.

    • Typr

      I see just censorship apologist there.

  • Karo

    “So far, as edits to artwork go, the thing you will notice the most is all the bonds have been removed.”
    “I’ve noticed are Mizuki and Kuroe have been given little tube tops in certain scenes”
    Oh no, not bondage! Oh no, we can almost see their breasts! Thank god NISA is here to save us blithering retards from seeing dirty, naughty things! All hail NISA, champions of the puritans!

    • razisgosu

      They’re just doing what the rating boards tell them. Why would they do this if they didn’t have to? The answer, they wouldn’t.

    • Alistair

      You believe that i thought you are anti-Censorship too you was livid about ghostlight not putting in a uncensored patch over at ghostlight blog.

      So suppose they did listen to boards so they say they will be mindful of 2 region could spell doom for them USK in Germany and Australia despite the heavy edits USK not having none of that.

      They see removing of audio more creepy, and despite adding little boob tube they still see them as underage.

      PEGI Doesn’t see that look at gal gun So having the game censored is not the way to do it because they no guarantee now that the game will get passed.

      Devil avacate, if NISA made the game uncensored and still USK and Australia that on them not NISA but other boards give it a passed the game will be sold there, if Germany and Australia Doesn’t like it.

      It they lost, that the thing i like to see in the future and ghostlight not being foolhardy as a SJW dev.

      Edit: Meiq, Valkyrie drive, censored girls 2 have fallen foul of Australia board was those games refuse rating from USK. Censored girls did get refuse.

    • Minuteworld92

      That’d be believable if they actually had the game rated before they made the changes.

    • Darth_Squirrel

      A representative supposedly, not the ratings board. Why would they do this if not for them? Look at IFI’s excuse for censoring, or EDITING Monpiece
      “Western society is not as lenient as that of Japan when sexual images are involved-especially images of humanoids that appear to be younger than a socially acceptable age.” “The borderline of what is ‘acceptable’ will always be extremely gray and vary from person to person, but as a responsible company working in the U.S., we had to make the difficult decision that we did.”

  • DizzyGear

    After much controversy and censoring, the release of Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors is drawing near.

    Fixed that for you.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Thanks 😀

  • Xekus

    NiSA can go and fuck itself, along with anyone who defends the blatant and unnecessary censorship.

  • DDD-kun

    “Now let’s talk about the part of the game that has drawn the most
    attention, the Motivation Mini Games. So far, I have only unlocked three
    of these – Scrubbing, Spanking, and Smile Throwing.”

    Unless they really are tossing happy faces in those punishment scenes, I think you mean “slime” there. |3

    That aside, I can at least appreciate the effort of what you’re trying to do here, so I’ll respond in kind by stating clearly my intents of not purchasing this game.

    To start, I can easily observe and agree that Criminal Girl’s 2 is a good game. I’m no hardcore fan of NIS properties—I can barely be called a regular customer of theirs. However, I understand very well they have a pedigree they’ve earned through various titles, and the ones I have played (Phantom Brave, La Pucelle Tactics among them) have given a good feeling, even if the level of grinding is something that even I myself find intimidating.

    Anyone I think would agree with the fact that buying Criminal Girls wouldn’t be a bad investment. The issue comes in with the what of NISA’s localization efforts, and the why.

    What they have done, is avoided the utmost transparency. I stand by that even as I state in the very same breath that Prinny Supervisor truly has gone beyond the call of duty given NISA’s previous precedent on explaining to NISA regulars and potential customers just what his company has edited and requested redrawn to meet alleged rating guidelines. That effort does not go unappreciated, and I’m thankful to him for coming that far to fans and non-fans, especially in a time where it’s not only easy for PR branches and publisher staff to snub inquiries, but it’s done with astonishing regularity (Yes, Aksys & Treehouse, I’m still calling you out).

    I can appreciate that effort, and I also use it to confirm that no, NISA’s practices still don’t convince me their version of this game is worth purchase. I’ve notably made compromises before—my raging obsession with Dungeon Travelers 2 tells that story for anyone in earshot. NISA’s history, and NISA’s evasion of full disclosure on their ESRB evaluation processes are the reason. In a non-exciting, droll reality that only litigation can bring forth, it is their job to prove that their effort is worth money for this title. The game at a glance promises colorful and not-oft explored themes of damnation & redemption, as well as tantalizes with various hands-on gameplay features. Mince nothing: sex sells. A good story sells. Solid game mechanics sell. Criminal Girls should be an easy sell, but it’s not. And while Australia and Germany indeed do know why it’s a no-sell in their territories, America certainly does not.

    Again, in that droll, flat, boring manner that is only possible through a case arbitration, the bottom line still remains that a host of alterations and censorships of characterization (Yes, the muted audio is an open and accepted asset of characterization) was made for reasons that are still behind closed doors and non-disclosure policies over off-the-board consultations between publishers & the ESRB. That fact can’t be erased, no matter how persuasive Prinny Supervisor tries to be, nor how supportive NISA’s fanbase tries to be in various spots here, on their forums, on youtube, etc.

    This is a case where NISA simply cannot afford the benefit of a doubt. Their past antics, via Mugen Souls, via Witch and the 100 Knight, via the DS port of Rhapsody, via the various Disgaea issues, via the past terrible attempts with Gust’s Atelier franchise, afford them no space to be anything less than absolutely translucent. They want my money, I want a game. But I NEED them to be straightforward and crystal-clear as to what they’ve done, why they’ve done it, and if, given an opportunity to seek a retest, an answer of whether they’d be willing to do just that.

    The game’s good. Don’t think anyone’s really argued that, even in the hyper-reactive quarters of social media. The delivery persons are not so much. Something to be said about fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    CR2’s quality isn’t my concern, and I don’t think it’s the concern of a lot of potential customers straddling the fence or on the other side of it, glaring back. The concern is the delivery. What your effort does here is put confidence in the fact that the extra money I spend getting the original Japanese version won’t be money that’s wasted.

    In the meantime, without fanfare or rage or any other overly-dramatic tones, the fact remains that NISA themselves have a ways to go to regain my good faith, and their efforts with Criminal Girls 2 are a start, but definitely are not a completion. As a business, they should be ready, willing, and quite able to accomplish that and gain (and regain) customers. I’m not requesting a mountain be moved, after all.

  • ScarredBushido

    im just going to buy the japanese version. 100% of the artwork intact > 50% of artwork intact.

    • Steve Baltimore

      That audio is the bigger issue imo, but yea altering the art does take away from what make the series unique as well.

    • You’re so damn entitled. Wanting to play a game as it was originally presented! 😛

    • j0eeyy_p

      Wait for the inevitable fan restoration patch instead #Henkaku

  • Cael


    >but this is not a deal breaker

  • Neppers

    >I think it is a shame NISA had to remove these due to rating boards.
    Is NISA talking to a completely different group of people at the ESRB than XSeed, PQube and IFI? I’m hesitant to start piling blame on the ESRB when games like Gal*Gun, Senran Kagura, and Valkyrie Drive are getting through without any issues. I can only hope IFI tries to localize a Genkai Tokki game without censorship, just to stop all of the “muh context” arguments from the NISA forums.

    Also, I lol’d when the game got denied in Germany and Australia, AND ended up delayed. Two things that NISA was trying to avoid by implementing all of that cenorship, and it still happened.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Neither of those games contain BDSM elements so they are not really fair comparison. In fact I cannot find a single instance of a game with heavy BDSM elements going through the ESRB, I’d love to see an example of one if anyone can find one.

    • Phanatasmagoria? (Rated M)

    • Steve Baltimore

      I don’t remember her being tied up, and that is not as interactive either.

      thought that does shoot that whole “Consent” argument for the audio out of the water.

    • Alistair

      The removing of audio was the deal breaker for them NISA To past the boards, lengthing of the skirts was redrawing of art.

      Removing nipples bumps big changes since the 1st game had less edits.

      But all this to please the boards has backfired, i never buy the fact removing the audio was to give impression that the girls are consenting. And USK feels the same way.

      Does it really matter the context is they dead in hell and the girls will have a bad time down there.

    • Typr

      I want clear answer here. Do you REALLY believe that they censored game due ratings? If so then just LOL.

    • Typr

      Just LOL. This got PEGI 16. Even uncensored would probably get 18+/M. AO? Why? Just why?

    • Mr0303

      Senran Kagura kind of has those elements with Ryona, Ryobi and Haruka.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Yea but it wasn’t the main focus nor was it interactive.

    • Mr0303

      The Dressing room in Estival Versus is kind of similar to that.

      Some other games with those elements present that come to mind – Dishonoured, Manhunt 2, Saints Row and Bayonetta. The latter 2 have interactable parts in the BDSM stuff.

    • Steve Baltimore

      They do, but not the extent criminal girls does, and the SK dressing room is not a good comparison since there is no bondage there, but again they say NO and Stop so that excuse for the audio doesn’t hold water.

      We have the same problem now that we had when Mugen Souls was released, there nothing else quite like it to compare it to. We can now say by the fact the scrubbing mini game is in Criminal Girls 2 that Mugen Souls edits were unnecessary, but at the time there was nothing to compare it to.

    • Mr0303

      I think I have a good example to compare to. The Punisher
      game for PS2 has interrogation scenes that are much more brutal than anything in Criminal Girls 2 and may end up killing the person in question.

      I do realise that this is more violence than sexuality, but I do think that it is a fitting comparison. If something like this is allowed surely the Punishment scenes should be as well.

    • Steve Baltimore

      I can kinda see that, but they aren’t really bonded up with chains in a BDSM setting though I think this shows how our culture works, if you were dismembering the girls this would be fine LOL

    • Mr0303

      I would argue that having a gun pointed at your head is worse than any bondage.

      There was a really great quote by Lenny Bruce on the topic at hand – “You can cut a breast off; you just can’t kiss it.”.

    • Alistair

      Oh i can hear the scream of a thousand SJWs scream in pain as we gamers get rewarded to dismemberment of the girls.

      They be hunged drawn and you know it wont be nice.

      Your little boob tube wont stop you getting beaten up little loli.

      We wont hear the end of it from them.

    • razisgosu

      When Criminal Girls is worse in every way than any of the games you mentioned it invalidates your argument.

    • Minuteworld92

      Its really not that worse….

    • Neppers

      Nah, it really doesn’t. Especially when your counter-argument is a conversation that NISA and the ESRB supposedly had, which we’re not allowed to view the details of.

  • MusouTensei

    2nd hand, someday.

  • Alistair

    If anybody is intreasting there a vid of steve for oprainfall i listen for few minutes they get right down to the nitty gritty.

    Bang the 1st secs of it is what that matter.

    Ps hope you 2 hours to spare well im off to watch steve has to say. 🙂

    Edit: Dam the gal on the right got her panties right up her arse in that thumbnail lol.

    • Steve Baltimore

      The views here are my own, and not those of oprainfall as whole.

    • Alistair

      I fixed it to of and not for i finish watcing the vid as i watch the last part of the live stream in the end there was only 3 viewers, me and 2 others.

      Glad you mention that pink fog that was truly shity of NISA.

      But more then half of edits is a deal breaker for me removing audio is salt to rub in my soreness. 🙁

      Also removing the audio makes the game Look out of joint (Unfinish).

  • Typr

    After much controversy and some editing,
    Just wow. Renaming punishment to motivation, removing sound from that scenes, changing almost half of artworks removing BDSM in BDSM game, even removing nipple bumps on characters is “some editing”? No comment here.

  • People who care about the video games industry should not pay a single penny for the Western version of Criminal Girls 2.

  • Miles

    Ah sweetness!!! Can’t wait to play the game now after reading this article and making sound like a game rather than controversal. Gave me a little hope.

  • j0eeyy_p

    In my personal view, a fan restoration patch via Henkaku using this translation I think would do wonders to this game. At least the core audience for this game would have an option for playing this in English without having to worry about the censorship issues. For those that don’t care, they will most likely be satisfied with the product that is offered, and they will be grateful with NISA for localising it. I would have preferred Yusha Shisu, personally.

    That said, I would be interested if Steve would write a more detailed opinion piece about the censorship in this game seperate from the review, consolidating his points from his podcast with PortableNiche. I agree in the sense that censorship is never a black and white subject, and having reviewed controversial games myself for this site I would probably adopt a very similar, more neutral stance (in the review, I’d want to do a seperate opinion piece for games that are censored to this extent) due to the professionalism and objectivity that would be required as a games reviewer to be seen as a credible source for people on both sides of the censorship spectrum.

  • Alistair

    It good to Know that NISA Forums is still playing damage control by the same fanboys.

    What is the moral of this story, is how much you went bent over backwards to censored it net you None. They got bombed by USK and looks like USK Not bunging at all.

    Well if they went make the next game DO NOT bother censoring the Game.

  • CrimsonChaos

    I’d love to have some “adult wrestling” with Tsukasa. ;3

    I look forward to getting my copy of this.