Battle Garegga

Recently, publisher M2 announced Battle Garegga Rev.2016. The game will be the first entry in M2’s new M2 ShotTriggers shoot’em up series. In addition, a “Premium Edition” has been announced. It will include a soundtrack CD, exclusive booklet, and five clear files. There is one thing some may not like: the game isn’t going to be on the disc. Instead, this special edition will only have a download code. The only alternative to purchasing the game is to buy the sole copy on the PlayStation Network.

The series started back in the arcades in 1996. Despite releasing for the Sega Saturn two years later, it never had any other console release. It’s a top-down shooter, boasting similarities to Wolflame and Summer Carnival ’92 Recca.

Battle Garregga Rev.2016 is set to release in Japan on December 12, 2016.


Jonathan Falu
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