Morrigan Figure
Helloooooo Nurse!

Today is a good day for awesome figurines. First we get an Elise Nendoroid of incomparable cuteness, and now we get the other side of the spectrum – a Morrigan Nurse-version figure of ridiculous hotness! There are few female characters as iconic as the lovely Darkstalker, and Morrigan is sculpted with utter precision and a distinct focus on her famous “assets.” This awesome Capcom Figure Builder Creator’s model is bursting with style and sauciness, and is a must-own for any fan of Darkstalkers or Morrigan.

For those interested in preorders, the figure is estimated to go live late September for a hefty sum of $159.00. But you know what they say, you need to spend money on quality sometimes. If the figure still looks like something you might want, check out the JList preorder to scope it out! It’s always great to see iconic figures continue to thrive in the industry.

Josh Speer
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